Classes - Level 19- Level 20 - XP

What is everyone thinking the XP is going to be to get to Level 19 and Level 20 ?

I watched the PvE stream and nothing was said and i did not see anything to find out.

This is what i know for right now.

Level 15 - 0 ——>> Level 16 - 20,000xp

Level 16 - 0 ——>> Level 17 - 40,000xp

Level 17 - 0 ——>> Level 18 - 60,000xp

So it would make sense if they keep the theme of adding 20,000 each time.

To go from Level 18 to Level 19 it should be 80,000xp

Level 19 to Level 20 it should be 100,000xp

Or as they have been saying it is quite a accomplishment to get to Level 20 to get that Skin they could go overboard and make it even more than 100,000 just like they went overboard with that 100,000,000 achievement :joy::joy:

Does anyone actually know what the xp will be or does anyone has progression from when they accidentally added the ability to get to 20 early?

If not what do you all think do you think they will add 20,000 on like they have been doing or something completely different and difficult to achieve ? It would make sense as it would be more of an accomplishment.
But Michael did say in the stream is wouldn’t take long to get to Level 20 ?

What do you all think?

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