Classes for horde (idea)

Horde has decent classes, but I feel they should be rework to have better options. For starters all classes should have two positive passive abilities and one negative. Also all specific classes have faster reload speeds with their specific weapons (25%).

Soldier- expert of rifles and jack of all trades with everything else.
pros: 15% faster reload speed with all weapons. Stacks with other reload bonuses.
ammo capacity: +15%. Stacks with other bonuses.
con: All fortifications cost 20% more. You’re a soldier not a builder.

Sniper- The silent killer
pros: enemy marked by snipers is marked permanently until enemy is killed.
cloak: when using cover sniper remains cloak.
con: 25% reduction to ammo capacity. Make every shot count.

Heavy- The living tank
pros: 10% damage reduction. Iron fist: do more damage with melee attacks
con: 10% speed reduction. Tanks aren’t known to be fast.

Grenadier- expert of throwing. ??? planter.
pros: carry two types of grenades; increased grenade count.
con: -35% reload speed. Stacks with other bonuses. You’re used to throwing not shooting.

Engineer- Master builder
pros: 15% cost reduction to fortifications; repair fortifications 3x as fast compare to non-engineer.
con: take 10% more damage. You’re a builder not a soldier.

Medic- expert healer
pros/con- no idea. If you got any ideas feel free to post your ideas .

Scout- collector of energy. Unfortunately now that the fabricator auto-collects energy scouts became extinct :frowning:

Feel free to post your ideas for passive abilities. Thank you for reading this topic.


if they keep classes i feel that each class should have they’re own unique class based fortification along side all the basic horde fortifications for example an engineer can buy an auto repairer for a few waves

Start with 2 stim grenades that can be thrown to revive teammates.
Can regen 1 at the end of each wave.

Has a -25% damage modifier.


I was thinking of Heavy being a different Class to Berserker/Tank.

Heavy could excel in Explosive Damage.

While Berserker/Tank excels in Melee Combat, such as this new Spiked Mace.
The Berserker/Tank could have Scout-like abilities, like Speed Boost, Health Boost, Damage Reduction, Melee Damage.
Imagine playing a Juvies Madness Horde Event with that Spiked Mace…


Berserker class? Interesting idea. As for skill cards I’m actually going to make a post about how skills cards can be overhaul. In a couple of days from now.

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What do you mean here? Since when does the fab auto collect?

Not in this game, but maybe in future games. The way they implemented power was terrible. We have all seen a lot of complaints about power.

non scouts picking up power
scouts hoarding power
scouts not being energy collectors
not keeping one enemy alive during active wave. (which waste so much damn time)
players not killing themselves so scout can pick up power

I believe auto collect would be nice solution to end this power/scout issue once and for all

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Oh right, yeah I completely agree. Get rid of that scout. All it does is cause frustration when playing with randoms, and make the team composition boring.

Having all classes get 2x power during the wave and removing deposit bonus, or allowing any class to have it would go a long way to minimizing the damage done in public games by people who don’t know what they are doing.

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What if Sentries kill enemies for Power, but Sniper ‘steals’ the Power to fund their own Strikes, while a Engie wanna use those Power for themselves?

Honest my preference would be to remove power pickups full stop, and have each player have their own pool, either via their kills/points or have it wave based. The players could then put their money into the pool if they wished. No system is going to be perfect, but we definitely need a reduction in the amount of ways that a poor or trolling player can ruin a horde game,

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Yeah, I would prefer like this too.
Just like how Gears 3 was.

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I feel very strongly that increased reload speed skills should not be in this game, but I don’t have the time to go into it here.

Classes must be removed in the next Gears. Horde 3.0 isn’t really Horde anymore, it’s more like some hybrid/expanded Survival from Gears Judgment.

Just put it back to the way it was in Gears 3. Fabricator I’m unsure on, I think it could stay but fortifications need some adjustment.

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Medic has the ability to produce a shield similar to a sentry
it can heal allies only if target is in range
ammo can be picked up and thrown to allies.
can increase mobility of allies for a limited time. (level up to increase number of allies)
can increase regeneration rate of health for allies ( locked until harder levels)
other ideas coming…
certain abilities are locked until harder difficulties arrive unless difficulty is harder such as
hard core or insane
shield is on a cool down mode unless leveled up
all his abilities have cool down mode…
must carry a med-pack in place of pistol.
other ideas coming…

The scout is fine is i like running in the middle of the wave and not dying being that last resort kinda guy when the team is dead.

My idea for Engineers was always to merge this with the Medic class.

My suggestion is to enable the Engineer to have a JACK-like Drone bot which can be customised at the fabricator, upgraded and customised.

There would broadly be two pathways to customise - an attack variant, and a defence/support variant.

The attack JACK Bot can have weapon attachments, initially starting with a Snub firing gun but can be upgraded to firing Lancer bullets, and even Shock Sentry electric bolts as you level the fabricator up.

The Defence/Support JACK Bot allows you to remotely revive fallen team mates, and fire gas grenades that emit things like adrenaline etc which buffs your team mates for short periods ( increased health; quicker health regeneration; provide a one off Active Reload Boost) and the Bot can also carry ammo to give to team mates when needed.

The JACK Bot could be directed around using the spotting function (so they target things the Engineer spots).

The Bots could also have a sonar grenade which can be fired into an area which automatically tags and identifies enemies that enter into the radius.

They could also be destroyed and rebuilt at the Fabricator. They also need to be repaired and reloaded.

I have mixed feelings about this. As someone who has played Horde from the very beginning I much prefer this Horde to what previous games had. Yes, playing people who use their classes “incorrectly” is annoying but that’s no different than playing KOTH with team mates who ignore the ring. Nothing is ever fool proof because fools are so ingenious :wink:

I think the biggest mistake in the class and card system was the scout shotgun cards: shotgun cards should be part of the soldier, if people want to be a gnasher player in Horde… Leave scout to be energy collector.

I would rather have a game which is interesting and varied when 5 people coordinate and play together, than be dumbed down to make it more playable with stupid randoms.

I find playing scout with a good team a lot of fun, and I know many who feel the same…

Implement some kind of sentry limit, haha, maybe a min distance between sentries, I think forest-of-sentries engineers cause a lot more problems…

Anyhow, but if the card system is the same rng based thing, I am out… Will be first Gears game with Horde I wont play Horde in…

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hm. i’m hoping in some core weapon perk system, different attachments, maybe have like 5 default classes that you can alter in some ways, you know like subclasses - have 4 default skills that you can augment with 2 others, for example the rogue and assassin builds in an RPG like dragon age

That could be the ‘berserker’ class someone else pointed out up there, except instead of picking up power you’re just sprinting around slaying with melee weapons