Class XP Method

Is there anything better than The Clock safe room runs for Class XP? Gets pretty boring

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I imagine it would.

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Playing the dailies and actually understanding the class by the time you reach LV20 through normal gameplay rather than braindead grinding?


This couldnt be more accurate :+1:

This is the reason why i am wary of lvls in this game lately because there are players like this who are lvl 20 from these ways

if you only do that you have no duplicate skill cards everything is lvl 1 but your lvl 20. Defo just playing the game normally is the better option.


It’s still a terrible system though; I know TC won’t learn from their mistakes but every class should be at max potential right from the get go for everyone in 6 so people can actually see if a class suits them.

But I guess forcing people to jump through dozens of hoops and endless grinding is what TC actually desires.


You don’t know what people are Grind for…being a Fake Lv 20?Collection of Heroic Skin?Lazy on understand the Class because the Host won’t Kick you if you’re Lv 20?

Showing what Cards you’re using is already Good Option while TC said it’s something Not Good to Newbies.

So, why Newbies need to choose to play Master at the Start?

They must be IQ 200.


From the original gears games its always been a grind.

Especially the achievements :roll_eyes:

I can imagine in 6 itll be worse.

Yes, but change is good. 5 is a prime example for this.

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Did they really use that as an excuse to not show that skill cards people have equipped?

I think it is ridiculous that low level players think they can do a master escape or horde or something because your just asking for a carry.

I think if cards were visible there would be more clarity for the people you were in a match with especially with randoms

If i play jack every time the engineer wastes the first bit of power on a forge and i dont equip that card anymore so if they were visible it wouldn’t be an issue.

But for fake lvl 20’s if they were lvl 1 or 2 you know they have cheated their way to lvl 20


They have stream talking to this Thing serval Months ago, but their Response is a “No” to show the Level of Skill Cards.

Putting a lot of faith into randoms. Most can’t even read the mutators for dailies, what makes you think they would even bother looking at the cards of teammates?
And even if they did, they might just not understand why you’re not using Forge-cards and you’ll get the “noob” followed by a kick - treatment.


Yeah, the Host will be a Teacher telling you “how to play the Class” correctly (His Build).

It’s still Restricted as hell.

Those people (probably Kids) really a Cancer in GoW 5.


Well, I would kick Jacks who run Forge_cards so there’s that.

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Dailies are fun, but a lot of the dailies are difficult to do, if your class level is lower than at least 12. The clock is boring, but doable at any level.

I remember people posted a specific horde map that was decent, can’t remember which one though.

I don’t think Inconceivable is Hard for everyone if you have Patience to Do it.

From my personal Experience, I played Inconceivable Horde for 1~2 Months in Op4~5 because I get kicked when Joining Master Lobby due to Low Level Classes, so after I have enough Knowledge & Ability, I tend to play Master now.

I don’t really play Inconceivable unless there’s a Lobby for my Server, so I can play CQC Classes.

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Not like there aren’t people willing to carry others. But apparently people would rather keep to themselves than lower themselves so much as to talk to others.
Certainly the impression I get from a lot of people using this forum.

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I’ve been carrying people in master lobbies for quite some time, and I can say that allowing low levels to enter master in public lobbies it’s a really annoying current issue.

There should be a ranking system or something like TitanFall 2, where for harder levels you are required to have certain aegis (level for your titan). That way people must have to play at least certain amount of time with a class to get to the level, cause the XP you get it’s proportional to how you play, kills, etc.

We all have been low levels at the start, but even a noob like me can achieve top 100 in escape and carry a decent game with any class.

In other words, it’s all about TEAMWORK.


I have suggested this System like League of Legend, a Score on your actual Performance like KDA…Energy Collected…Damage per wave…etc, but 0 Response either Formu Memebrs or others etc.

Oh, I wouldn’t carry people in horde but there isn’t a single, official hive that can’t be hardcarried with 1 or 2 good classes in the match.

Meaningless. I’ve seen so many useless randoms in Master FD, it’s not even funny anymore. Besides the garbage-meta, one of the main reasons why I stopped playing TF2.

Because there’s No Reward on these Leaderboard, if yes, although there’s low Escape Base Players, it becomes very Competitive.