Class xp farm using nomad

Probably the difference between XP and cXP.

No he’s talking CXP. Only way to get 96k is 4 overlaid runs in an hour. That’s under 15 minutes a run including load times. I would just like to see how to get faster. My group can knock out 3 and start a fourth but not finish 4 in under and hour.


Have you done this? I was doing this yesterday and only getting 47,000 CXP per hour. I got much more in the End so switched to that instead. Not sure how or why there’s such a huge discrepancy on my side.

I got 23,500 CXP a few weeks ago with my boost. Now with the 4x XP, 47,000 CXP does seem to match what I have been earning in the past.

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I’ve been doing Clock runs again, and I’m getting less CXP than expected. I did about 32 runs, but the amount of XP I got was equivalent to about 20 runs for some reason. Is there a cap of CXP for a single match or something?

Some extra data I managed to collect
Average time of run: 1:15 (counted from and to the moment restart act button is pressed, factors in black screen loading and pod animation)
Expected CXP: 1980
CXP/Hr should be somewhere around 90k.
I did 32 full runs, so it should’ve been around 63k CXP. Instead the game gave me ~41k, which is equivalent to 21 runs.

I haven’t done a whole hour of it no.just extrapolating the maths. This is based on Master with restarting when you reach the decontamination room outer door.

I may be out by a little bit. Perhaps it is closer to 3 runs every 5 mins. But that is still about 70-80k per hour. Maybe there IS a cap after so many runs?

If you can kill a juvie or two whilst at the door I think this may give you a tiny bit more xp too. Not much but might add up over time.

I’ll experiment again today with The Clock and The End. The Clock wasn’t that nice for me yesterday. The End was noticeably quicker.

No, you can easily do 4 runs per 5 minutes. I’ve tried getting a first ribbon during my runs, but it still only gave me 792cxp (1980 currently) per run, so I stopped doing that.
I don’t know if there is a session cap, but I’ve been doing this in blocks of 10 runs because of the monotony and was never cheated out of any CXP.
The ribbon certainly counts for general xp, it’s essentially the LE method added to this one.

It’s odd. I’m just assuming it didn’t calculate my CXP correctly yesterday when running The Clock, as I just did 20 minutes and got 31,000.

Definitely quicker than The End.

Edit - This was with score boost cards. Will remove and see if there is a difference.

Edit 2 - Score cards have no impact on XP.

Conclusion - I was cheated out of cxp yesterday. :sob:


Nah, there is no cap but actually the more time you spend on it, the less you’ll recieve. Don’t know the variables but usually I stop around the 20 min and start a new set of runs.

Psudo cap

Definitely IS a cap. Just done another 1 hour and again I’m at 47,000. Best to stick to 25 minute sessions.

So that would mean 23, maybe 24 runs where you get the most out of, then you need to restart a new set of runs.
It’s good to know if I ever feel the need to do so many after another. My mind melts well before that though…

It makes me wonder if the mode has been set up to remember 30 minutes of attempts. As my 25 minute session netted me 40,000. Won’t be going over half hour on these moving forward.


1-12, and I won’t reveal my method here. Have you guys learned nothing from Uncle Clay?

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Next time you run one can you time it from loading in until you’re back at the menu? Just want to see what your time is for one compared to us.

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Nope, he’s right. Did runs for 50 minutes = 45k. Wasted ~30 minutes.

Doing runs for 20minutes seems to be the best choice.

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Been doing this most of this week in my spare time. Should get Combat Medic to Level 20 in a couple of hours and that’s all classes maxed out.

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I’ve been grinding reup xp . Now at 47, should hit 48 tomorrow and 50 by next week…

I’m finding it painful at re-up 36. Making 40 won’t happen for me by the end of this XP event. My aim is re-up 38. Hoping when they look at the revised re-ups in the New Year I get a helping hand.

At least I’m now done with all classes maxed.

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I started at re up 25 this event and am now almost re up 32. It has definitely slowed down as I gained more levels. My goal initially was re up 35 but at the rate I am going, I might just hit 40 but it will likely be 39.