Class xp farm using nomad

There is a reason to keep it on Insane because Lethal makes it a lot more difficult than necessary to do a full Surge run as opposed to just reaching the saferoom. More Scions is disabled for obvious reasons. And most or all Surge runs that went to the helipad and were on Insane already had Ironman prior to the update to it.

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Sorry yeah true. In my mind I was getting confused with xp only runs where you only have to get half way, particularly on Clock.

On clock, the reject/juvie spawn is a bit different each time you reset from lobby (resetting act does not change spawn locations) and may take a couple runs to figure out a decent strat getting past in my experience. I’ve not found a one size fits all strat so to speak for these spawns. I’ve had some spawns that were just tricky anyway and inconsistent to the point I reset it. Of course this could be my own fault as I’m not a huge escape player anymore, but put it this way, some spawns are better than others. And of course on some reject/juvie spawns you’re not necessarily in the clear anyway as there will sometimes (rarely) be a lovely grenadier waiting for you about halfway to the safe room and that’s an instant reset.

I just got to where I waited and snubbed a couple of juvies as they approached. Takes 10 more seconds but was worth it for the extra consistency. Any applicable snub damage cards should be equipped, of course.

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Funnily enough I just noticed this. I had a very comfortable spawn where the 2nd half of the first act had rejects instead of more juvies. Then when I backed out to change class, I got 3 drone spawns in a row and then after the 4th time of restarting from the lobby, I got a horrible pattern of juvies. So yes, a bit of luck is involved. Overall once you get juvies it is still probably better to stick with it rather than backing out and hoping to get an even better juvie spawn.

So what map is that?

The Clock.

Yeah, you can still get a pretty bad spawn with elite grenadiers in that part down the ramp too. Most of the time they’ll head slap or roar first so you can run past them during that, but sometimes they see you coming and instagib you.
Best thing to do is when you get a bad spawn is to try and get as far as possible and let them kill you, then restart the act and then return to the lobby, otherwise no XP will be counted for that run and its load times. Last run I do I usually open the safe room and return to the lobby from there so I at least get 1 card out of it.

Just experienced that now too!

Final tip - when you have had enough grinding, open the safe room door and get through to second act. Run as fast and far as you can before dying. You are guaranteed at least 2 cards for finishing act 1, and you can get a bit of extra xp too. I even got to the helipad once, doing this.

If they fix the safe room load times I agree with you, until then I wouldn’t endure the wait, just immediately get out after the door closes.

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Been experimenting today and I found a faster way to earn circa 70,000 XP an hour.

Enlighten us :wink:

Overload speedruns are still 96k per hour so unless it’s less stressfull or requires fewer players…

Well I said 70k so people aren’t disappointed, but personally I was getting 80k an hour, depends on how well you do. Maxed out Anchor, Brawler, Gunner today and Pilot and Veteran at 19 so they should be maxed tomorrow.

The End - Master. Just run. If you make it to the end, pull the switch and get killed. If you don’t make it, you’ve essentially advanced a fair way into the hive and get XP. I had score boost cards on too, not sure if that makes a difference?

As far as I know these were never intended to and currently don’t give an XP boost. Whether that is a change we’ll see in the future, well, beyond me to know.

I’ll trial it tomorrow when I finish off Pilot and Veteran.

You’re saying 96k with the double XP going on right now? Are you doing 1-50 or 1-12??

1-50 gives 30k, right now 60k, so you’re saying you’re doing 1.5 runs in an hour.

1-12 gives 12k, right now it’s 24k, so 4 runs in an hour? That’s insanely fast. We can knock out more than 3 in an hour but not close to 4.

Curious as to your method.

Good to know, thanks.

Once you get a good set of juvie spawns on Master clock, you can get 4 runs to the safe room done every 5 minutes including reloading the act and the pod opening cutscene. Assuming no fails, that is about 48 runs an hour giving 1,900 xp each time, which is about 91,000 xp per hour when its 4xp.

Dull but reliable.

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So if I am getting this right and please correct me if I am wrong. I run to the safe room and restart and rinse and repeat and as a result I end up stacking CXP so when I finally leave the game I will be rewarded with x amount based on the amount of times I reached the safe room?