Class xp farm using nomad

i played with a nomad player on the surge, inconceivable.
he load his fear executing some enemies
then on second act we run, once we reach the 3-4 scions he uses his fear and we get to helipad and die
15-16k class xp every 20 minutes, now would be 30k with double xp

is there something better or similar that dont need nomad?

There is a method for Inconceivable Surge with all the modifiers except Ironman(but can be run on Master as well now since it only prevents respawns in pods now instead of sending you back to the lobby), which basically involves running to the saferoom tile, but not going into it then restarting the act. Apparently it’s about 800 CXP per “run” on Inconceivable but basically is just repeated in the match itself for a while until you choose to leave to see your progress. But you only get class XP for that.

yes class xp, not reup xp

Well the method is a fairly good one from what I hear, but @Ektope will know the details better than me. Assuming he’ll explain it here.

Master Clock may be best way. You would want Juvie + Reject RNG for the beginning so you can run past them to safe room, pause and restart act. You won’t need to press switch or go inside through safe room door. It should take about 1:20 minutes, then restarting the whole process again from opening pod, run to safe room, pause and restart. It was nearly 500 CXP on Guest account, so with Boost, that would be 1,000 CXP in 1:20 mins.

I’m still confused since I don’t think double class xp was being counted. 800 CXP is Incon Surge / Clock so Master should be 1,000? But double CXP should be making it 1,600 to 2,000, which I haven’t figured out. Someone with Boost could figure it better, since my main already has maxed classes so I can’t track progress with Boost.

Boost users may be the ones with 1,600 - 2,000 CXP earnings, as double CXP event until Jan 4th might only be for Boost owners.

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Reaching safe room 490 CXP on Master Clock without boost so… 980 x2 and 1960 x4.
792 CXP on Incon with boost.

Yes, 490 CXP was what I got. It’s nearly 500 anyway. I haven’t had someone with Boost test it out yet for nearly 2,000 CXP, just to confirm it.

Yes, I did Master Clock boost with Blade master about 2 weeks ago. Got 23,500 class XP per hour.

I’m getting about 1950-1980 CXP with current christmas bonuses on Master Clock by running to the first safe room and restarting the act. Having Juvies and Rejects helps with consistency. Sometimes Juvies get magically longer claws and/or double swipe you. Takes about a minute per run. I usually get to the stairs by the time the venom bomb timer reached 12 seconds.
I don’t think there’s anything faster than this at the moment. But it’s also kind of mindnumbing.


There is a better method, yes.


Yep, 47k class XP per hour. I’ll be grinding out the horrible promo classes using this method.


Go on., Daxterdude…

And to people in general:

If you are running Clock with juvies, I find it helps when you’re running towards the first encounter, to aim for the middle until the first juvies commit, then quickly steer around to the far left, left of the block on that side. Then head up the middle channel and the next juvie should miss. The juvie waiting down the slope on the other side shouldn’t be a problem, just run around, and then the juvie that tries to ambush you from the side as you approach the safe room will usually get a slash in on you but you won’t go down.

Also now that the ironman mutator only takes you back to the starting pods, there is no reason at all not to switch this on for any speed runs. So Surge Insane runs should now all be set at Incon…but I don’t think many people have cottoned on to this yet as I still see lots of Insane run lobbies.


This: Thief000’s Xbox Gears 5 clip 120000690. Find your Xbox clips on

Assume that you got Juvie+ Reject RNG.

The RNG doesn’t reset if you restart the act right?

So once you get a favorable RNG , you could just stick with that throughout and go till the saferoom entrance and keep restarting until you get the desired amount of class XP?

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No, if you get drones, you need to back out to lobby and try again. So it makes sense to do this when you are planning a reasonably long session, otherwise the restarting and backing out to lobbies isn’t an overall efficient use of your time.

And if you want cards as well as XP, you’re better off running Inconceivable Surge runs all the way through to the end. The problem with the XP-only method is everyone ends up with level 18+ characters with level 1 and 2 cards. They then try to sneak into your high level horde or escape lobbies in the hope you’ll carry them.

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I edited my post.

Could you please answer this again?

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So TC can “”“fix”"" it? Vacate the premise

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