Class Separation

How will it work, exactly (re: Ultimates and character cards - also weapon loadouts)?

I kinda like the idea of roles and only one of each character per match, adds to immersion and the named/unique characters helps identifying your teammates. But overall, I’m excited for this change.

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I don’t mind a team of 5 JDs. But I’d love to see Ultimates Become classes.

So we’d have JD’s Airstrike as a class (Assault, Destroyer or something). Kait’s Cloak, (Scout, Spy?) etc etc.

Jack excluded since he’s special.

Basically how Gears 4’s Classes were but with each existing ultimate/character converted into a class.
Or, have a few classes that can swap between Ultimates?

Example an Assault class could choose between Airstrike, Cole’s Burning Charge or Marcus’ Legend. Whereas a Support class could take X-Ray, Cloak or Resupply.

I hope that makes sense. But this is how I’d see it working out.

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Thought the classes will still be locked to one per player. Or did they say characters?

I was thinking along the lines of Gears 4 classes, with character cards moved to a class-common pool (ex. Lahni and Kait’s - so you can create a Scout build as you like), but each character retaining an Ultimate/unique Skill.


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Dana vaguely hinted at being able to have multiple of the same class on the PvE stream on Friday.

Same class is fine. But multiples of the same character (for PvE), I think it’s lame.

They do a lot of vaguely hinting I wish they’d be more what is the point of not saying it? It’s not like it’s a spoiler. They did everything but mention Paduk by name too.

It’s like they enjoy being coy for its own sake. My cousin’s 12 year old daughter does that all the dam time it’s so infuriating. Like I know you want something or are up to something and you aren’t subtle enough to pull off being nonchalant so just say what you mean ffs.

I mean I prefer a varied roster, but I don’t think any player should be prohibited from using the skins or characters they’ve grinded for or bought.

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I think it would be the coolest, if we could customize our classes however we want. For example:
We could choose de passives that are ideal to our play style;
Choose the ultimate ability;
Choose the cards that complement that ultimate and the play style;
We could do this for every character, maybe with an option to designate the choises to every character, like the weapon skins, just to make it a bit faster if you’re only going to play that build.
It would give room to some very powerful builds. I don’t know if it would be balanced, but it would definitely be lots of fun.

Every Engineer must wear lab coats. :crazy_face: