Class level should be shown next to player's experience in horde

During my pre-match lobby on master difficulty I had all players level 18 which wasn’t the problem. But on wave 2 JD decided to leave the game, luckily for me I had good random Kait and Fahz (which is very rare) until wave 10 and that’s where the main problem was. On wave 5 another random JD came in with re-up 14 (bare in mind I don’t know what his/her level would be). I didn’t even get to see JD shoot rockets even though he bought GL (2 in locker) or even boomshots, probably because Kait and Fahz were doing all the hard work. Obviously I wanted to see if JD’s :rocket: or boomshot would bleed. But on wave 10 when we had Swarmak, that’s when I saw JD start shooting :rocket:… But I noticed the Swarmak wasn’t even bleeding with JD’S rockets and that’s where we lost our game (even though Kait was doing all the hardwork to take the Swarmak down). we were unfortunate to lose the game because I had good Fahz and Kait in my team. When I went back to the lobby I saw JD’s level was 7… Yeah he was only level “7.” I was thinking “what is this guy doing in master difficulty?”

Hopefully in future TC should put class level next to player’s experience and then we would know what level each character would be, especially if it’s random joining the game. It would be very helpful, please TC. I’ve seen lot of randoms join as low level classes on master difficulty.


Card Level with the symbols that are used on the cards top in x/x/x/x/x format would be a lot better. Lv18 means jackshit.

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Yeah whichever way it is. As long as I can see what level is the character then I would be happy. I rather see level 18 joining than level 1 class

As much detail as we can get regarding how much help we can expect is definitely a great idea.
Great idea


I hope they do something about it.

Lvl 18 at least means he has unlocked all cards and skills though he still might not have a clue of how to use them. It also tells you that he has at least a little experience of horde. In fact it tells you more than re-up level because there you can come across a re-up XX or similar who has obviously no clue of how horde and the characters works. A lot of escape and to much boost buying can trick you.

I’ve also seen lot of players less than re - up 9 play good to. The other day on dam, Kait showed up in my game on masters with level 18 (with re-up 4) and she completely outrun JD with damage and kills.