Class Based Objective Co-Op Missions Idea

How would people feel about a future multiplayer class-based objective-based mode played against AI in a sort of mini campaign mission in Gears 5?

Story wise it wouldn’t be directly linked to the main campaign but consists of mini missions similar to say, COD Modern Warfare 2’s special ops missions but it’s online, multiplayer and each player fulfills a specific class (based on Horde classes, or perhaps even a unique variation based on 4 classes / players instead of 5). It could be based on events occurring elsewhere in the Gears world at that time (or even different times).

As much as I like Horde, it does get boring sometimes as you’re in the same place and it’s constant base-under-siege style of play. A game mode based on moving around and progressing geographically would be nice, along with more variety of objections.

For example capture a designated Swarm enemy and take it to an extraction zone.


In terms of the extra work put in to create these maps (which would need to be larger than multiplayer maps), it could be that TC use campaign levels from the main game but create multiple variations of each by locking out certain sections?


Thinking about it, this could even feature the ability to play as the Swarm and Locust, and be the kind of Beast Mode that we’ve always wanted.

The Swarm/Locust have more variety in their characters and “beasts” and they could easily create a large range of objective based missions based around fighting the COG and Outsiders. E.g.: destroy the Hammer Of Dawn controls; prevent the COG from evacuating Outsider settlement; capture COG general and escorts him to extraction point.


I would love this.

People made a few small missions similar to this idea in Gears 1 PC and they were great.

I was literally considering this exact scenario the other day and thinking of making a post about it! Great minds think alike.

Another thing I had been considering for it was that new weapon skins and characters could be unlocked through this mode. I don’t mean this would replace Gear Packs. Loot boxes are in gaming to stay I just hope that its a better system in Gears 5 but that is for another topic altogether. When TC decides to bring out unlockable skins in Gears 5 they could be put in as their own rewards for completing these unique missions. They could be made very difficult to complete and at the same time be used to tell side stories from the Gears universe about side characters from present and Gears history.

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this is a pretty good idea, doubt they will do something like this. i find horde so repetitive and boring im hoping they do something unique.

i think gears 5 needs a campaign dlc and it needs to be good. maybe following marcus or something or how jd got his scar and infection in his arm… theres so much of the story thats missing.

Love the idea. Side note, I’d love a class based multiplayer competitive as well. Not to replace vs, but add one that involves Horde-like character classes. I love the even handed nature of the current VS, and would love to see a more strat based one too.

I love the idea, and I think Prologue’s events would suit your suggestion :slight_smile:

Classes? F*ck no
I haven’t had any good impression on classes in Judgment and 4 Horde
Inb4 people quit cos someone is playing a certain class that other people want to