Civil discussion about flash bangs?

A very frustrating session of Gears 5 last night, thanks to the flash bang grenade, has me thinking: What do you guys think of it? Does it need nerfing? Should it remain the same but be a pickup?

It simply does way too much: blinds you for a good 2 - 3 seconds, prevents you from reloading, shooting, meleeing and roadie running. Like, what? Who had the bright idea of combing a stun and flash grenade? This decision has left me baffled, HOWEVER, I do have some ideas on how it can be changed.

A) Keep it the same but make it a pickup
B) remove the stun capabilities, rendering it just a regular flash bang, but keep it as a starting choice.
C) remove the stub capabilities, but add a stun grenade into the game, giving us the choice between smoke, stun and flash.

Let me know what you guys think! I’m not personally against the idea of new grenade types, but the way it was handled was pretty poor.


B) out of the choices you’ve listed

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I’ll go with B if anything although I am fine with it as is. I bet if anyone here was holding a gun and got flashbanged, they would cover their eyes and get disoriented and not be able to fire that gun,

Yeah I get that, I mean the character itself does not get blinded but the person playing and staring at the screen will in that case.

Do you play KOTH? They absolute ruin that mode :anguished:

Yes I do. That’s the main ranked mode I play but it’s not much. Just for Objectives and to get 1 win a week for that damn achievement. I use the hell out of flash bangs though.

KOTH is unplayable for me due to the flashes. I suffer from eye problems and the constant never-ending barrage of flashbangs destroyed by eyes in just one game.

The odd one is tolerable, but the whole team throwing them all the time at the hill after every death is just miserable.


D) Remove the flash, keep the stun.

That would be a popular choice as well, and the one I would pick.


I think it’s fine. The radius is small and it doesn’t stick around like the smoke clouds, and the smoke already stunned you with the coughing.

The only problem is that everyone is using them now since they don’t have to worry about fighting in the smoke cloud they would’ve just created if they had chosen smoke grenades.

Actually yeah, the flash is annoying when it doesn’t stun your character. I wouldn’t mind if they turned the visual effect down a bit.

This is 100% true. Im not playing koth because of this

Remove the flash but keep the character effects. This would be the best option because I can’t take being flashed constantly. It’s bad enough in horde, but it’s so much worse in MP because you always spawn with one and the way they are spammed gives me a headache.

I haven’t experienced Flash spam in Versus so this may not be an accurate opinion but taking 2-4(or more) of them one after another from Elite Grenadiers is one hell of a pain with how long the flash effect stays on screen and renders you unable to perform any action but walking, and how often they spam them repeatedly, seems like it wouldn’t be any better than what I hear of KOTH Flash spam.

That being said - I don’t have an issue with the visual or stun effect but it gets a little excessive for how many Flashbangs fly around at times even in Horde. Where they last much longer than in Versus. I’d rather deal with frags being thrown by them and instead have the Drone Elites throw the Flashbangs like in Campaign. And reduce how often they tend to throw them at you.

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It’s really bad when you’re light sensitive that’s why I say a toggle is needed. I know a lot of posters say invest in gamer glasses but not all of us have that luxury.
You can effect the character without harming the player, I’ve seen it done in other games. Even with the brightness turned down and the settings on my TV adjusted I still come away with a headache if I play for too long or don’t look away when the flash goes off. I have to look away, that also takes away from me being able to help my team. It’s really bad. Also, I don’t want to be forced not to play the game that I somewhat enjoy.

Flash bangs are annoying when in cover and you are getting hit by them. You can roll backwards as a counter which has decent success rates as long as you are not getting lit up by lancers in that split second.

Now dont quote me on this but TC said in the stream today they were looking at the possibility of tinkering with the flash so hopefully they do as they said.


Your choices are flawed. A flash would just be a flash grenade. Which I think is what it is. Flash bang… is a flash and a stun. Hence the flash, and the bang. So it already does what a “regular flash bang” would do.

Personally I think the grenade fits gears. It’s not a bad addition. They just need to reign in the spam. Spawn grenades should just be smokes. Or if you get the option for a flash or something else, you should only get 1 per round. No matter how many times you die.

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This would be acceptable to my poor eyes. However, there still needs to be a toggle for the effect to the player and the character effects can stay the same.

B or any option to remove stun mechanics.

Stuns were stupid in all previous games, I don’t get the devs continuing obsession with them. They leave the player unable to act and thats what we,all want in games isn’t it? To be forced into inaction.

FYI : The BANG in a flashbang grenade refers to the loud BANG noise that leaves you deafened.
It has nothing to do with a stun effect.

TC said they were separating the stun and blinding aspects of 4’s smoke. Choice B is how the Flash should have worked according to TC

Flashbangs are annoying but I mostly play koth and sometimes I use to create a opening if my team won’t push