Circle K Question

Went to Circle K for receipt code… They had no promo cans but bought a rockstar anyway. Didn’t get code…
Do you have to buy promo can for code?

(probably dumb question but had to ask.)

You’re supposed to get a text upon purchase . my question is how do they know your number ? They didn’t ask me? And if I don’t use a card how. Could the cashier be prompted to ask for a printed receipt or a text or email receipt ? This is a bit frustrating being as it’s not very specific in its details

I think it goes live on the 21st or close to it.

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I am not too sure how to get the circle k code due to the issue that the cashier scanned the wrong can. (haha) I was wondering if it was suppose to be on the receipt upon purchase such as the ones from walmart.

It starts September 23. I believe that you type your phone number into the card reader and it sends you a text message with the XBL code.


I ridiculously forgot to read the description on the rockstar energy site. (haha) Well we have to wait for another eight days.

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It doesn’t matter what can u get, if you put in a 7th and 8th code u should get the circle k and wallmart stuff, I did and I don’t have a wallmart or circle k where I live