Circle k, how is the SMS code supposed to work?

Went to 4 circle k’s nobody knows anything about the gears 5 sms codes.
Does anybody know how this is supposed to work?

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same, bought some this morning and no code on receipt or anything. I seen the canada had a post where rockstar just put up a number to text RSGEARS to and they get the code that way. Maybe Rockstar might do the same for the west?

when you check out at circle K you enter your cell on the pad and you get SMS txt with code.

if your in canada, just put 8 rockstar codces in the rockstar site and itll give u both circle k skin and swarm skin

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Buy them all from the Dollar store in canada, 2.23 a can in ONtario, i bought my last two today and got the walmart+ circle k content. I bought a can from Circle k last night and was like, hey you got a sms code for me, and the dude looked at me like what the ■■■■ are you talking about? ■■■■ you guys for that. I dont mind but atleast get ur ■■■■ straight about how ur codes work. Oh and fix the god damned servers what are you guys hosting on, i mean my pc could probably host matches better then whats going on right now…

ALSO What kind do you guys like, the fruit punch one is the ■■■■■■■ bomb shizzle man its delicious but i prefer sugar free drinks… so im stuck with this Zero Silver Ice ■■■■ tasting nasty crap… But i snagged a few Watermelon sugar free ones… no codes but amazing flavor

No luck here either, bought one can. No text, clerk didn’t know anything about it, tried texting RSGEARS and no response. WTH?

Went today and couldn’t find any collectors cans. What I did notice though is there is a system that lets you log in or type your phone number in for your circle K rewards. I assume they scan the can you enter your phone number and after the transaction you receive the code. It states though COLLECTORS CANS so I didn’t try with a regular can. If anyone has luck with a regular can lmk.

Drove about 13 miles today for it. There’s two Circle K’s in my city. The Circle K closest to my house is in a ghetto area of town. Walked in, Gears advertisements posted all over, including in front of the Rockstar drinks, but they only had regular cans, not Gears cans. Stupidly bought two, thinking I’d get codes on receipt or something, but no, nothing. Then realized it needed to be the cans with the art on them so I asked the lady if they had any of those. She said no they didn’t, and was clueless about the promotion. Aww crap, I thought. I already drove this far for this, so may as well go all in and drive to the other Circle K. The second one was in a nicer area. Right away, I found the Gears cans. When I went to check out there was a screen next to the cash register showing pics of the Gears stuff I was going to get and asking me to enter my phone number. I got the code in a text, and entered it into the website. Only get one code per purchase I believe. Redeemed it this afternoon for the Del Lancer and it looks pretty sick. Was it worth the trouble? I guess. I didn’t have anything better to do. I also haven’t seen anyone else sporting the Del Lancer, yet. It’s probably the best lancer skin so far.

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Damn so I am screwed. I’ll email RS support and see if they can do anything

Circle k thing still not working right, and if it is, the cashier’s certainly couldn’t care less about it

I purchased cans from circle k and typed my number in the gears promotion screen and have not received a text. It has been 2 days and no text

It should have come immediately. You probably typed the wrong number.

I made sure it was the right number

What was the process at the register? I went to two locations in my area and there was no prompt on the keypad asking for my phone number when they scanned the cans. Were you supposed to pay and complete the transaction for it to pop up? I canceled my purchases because I was unsure if I’d get the code.

I’m having the same issue. Did 4 different transactions at 2 separate Circle K’s, put in my number and my fiance’s in and neither of us got a text. Anyone have an update on this issue?

Did you get the prompt for your phone number before or after you paid and completed the transaction? And was it on the debit/credit keypad or the cashier’s screen? Im gonna try again this week at a different location to see if it works and it’ll help if I know what to expect.

It came up on the computer screen after they scanned the can. If you try to pay before entering your number, the screen will go away. I went to the Rockstar website and submitted my issue then I received the text later that night with the codes. Not sure if it just took a while to send, or if sending my inquiry to Rockstar helped.

I emailed support last week, with a copy of my receipt and my tab code. Been ignored since…

Sad thing is, I don’t even drink this stuff, bought it and poured it down the drain and got nothing. So disappointed with this dumb promo. At least Walmart had it down!

Work at circle K. entered my number for 6 transactions and no code sent. sucks man

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