Chxse Op reached the standard of play: Watch how he plays, 'The Coalition'


(LordShepardT) #1

How many of you are tired hearing people comment on gears press release; saying things like: “this game looks boring”. yet you know why, ‘what’s the matter’ and want to jump in grab the controller and say… “hello, This guy isn’t showing you the fun way how to play”?

allow me to present to you Chxse Op: who unless Tc can find someone who already works with them, who can, or is capable of getting this good in front of a live audience; will be your new Tc member getting paid:(or whatever he asks to a degree) to tour with Tc to promote Gears 5 game play, presentations, which will look most the time, or always, like this:

If you didn’t get enough; or can’t stop watching; then hit that like button; if you agree in anyway; hit that like button. Now… does this look boring to you? no. This Guy’s got talent ‘Tc’; hire him please or follow suit.

“will you help me construct a complete quit penalty solution trade off?” Oh yea & search that in the search bar, if you will :smile:

(Royce Batty) #2

I’m lost.

(Horde Legend) #3

Not sure what your first paragraph was all about but all I see is typical wall bouncing that I have seen in 99% of montages made…I’ve seen better players than him too so

(ll Atlaz ll) #4

Wtf is wrong with this dude? :expressionless:

(LordShepardT) #5

Then That just means others reached the standard of positive promotion too. making this game standalone from others, and catch on, through gameplay alone.

My pantalones, stand alone, ay? my reply to you sir: ll Atlaz ll

(GreatWhiteShark) #6

That’s an old montage. I’ve seen it a while ago. He uploaded a new one a few days ago but YT blocked it because of copyright or something, idk. But yeah this guy is nifty to watch, I’ll give him that.

(Royce Batty) #7

Honestly, if anything TC could just “hire” either of these two,
GSQ Zeus

Real Phenoms

(GreatWhiteShark) #8

Yeah I love watching those 2 guys too. I’ve played with Zeus before, he’s very streaky.

Real Phenom’s wall bouncing is just ridiculous.

(Me0wMix CatFood) #9

Oh, I get it now…
Wow, that was convoluted…

BTW, people who aren’t gears fans are annoyed by wallbouncing. You’re not going to make anyone think, “this is fun to play” by stimulating epileptic fits. And I say that as a wallbouncer.

(Royce Batty) #10

I think first and foremost, we need a working game for someone to actually like it. :smile:

(Me0wMix CatFood) #11

So greedy. You guys want the game, you want it to work, want the servers to work.
(Queen Myrrah voice) “Foolish humans! Ahhh ha ha ha!”

(Royce Batty) #12

Indeed we are.
Puny creatures!

(Anarcae) #13

You guys are really missing the problem with these picks. TC cannot use any of these people to market their game.
You need someone that pretty much plays out of the box amazing for example the default control scheme, thumbs and preferably a lower sens even though I don’t consider it important. The natural way of playing games.

Chase plays claw, alternate and a very high sensitivity.
Phenomz plays with his thumb on the stick and A button, and remapped his layout to prevent rolling on default.

The game play is really good and genuinely fun to watch if you understand the game and what it takes to move with that precision. Newer players aren’t going to be able to replicate this so it’s a bench mark and expectation for the game that they wont be able to achieve.

Especially seeing as both these players changed the way they hold the controller as well as the settings from the default start up. It’s hard for new people to understand what gears multiplayer is and it’s a lot of work especially for a game they may not be interested in.

They should just pick the bulk youtubers with very basic movement and somewhat competent skills because their playstyles arent going to frustrate the vets (as much) and it’s not going to baffle and intimidate the newbs.

100% think that chase and phenomz are a better means to market the game than what they did here at PAX

(Anarcae) #14

This montage is from 2.7 … and your name suggests that you don’t know what that means. Hop into comp warmup and see whether youre up to this 99% standard youve just set.

(Horde Legend) #15

You mad bro?

(Royce Batty) #16

I changed my mind. I want TC to hire @Anarcae :smiley:

(Horde Legend) #17

Me too actually…I mean the game can’t possibly get any worse can it?

(Royce Batty) #18

Oh no! Now you gone done it :smiley:

(Stoic Slab) #19

A friend and workmate of mine was looking over my shoulder while I was watching this. He’s never played Gears and is more casual with his gaming.

He thought they were cheating until I told him they weren’t.

(LordShepardT) #20

Yes; but are they the customers were looking for? All of us can basically say that what sets gears of war, from the rest…Is wallbounce whether gears ultimate E/1 wallbounce or whatever would be called wallbounce. you know what I say? I say expoit what makes gears unique and promote it. There’s 2 types of Newbies: 1 that will come & go. Looking for the next new game to tryout that’s already similar; then when they don’t associate gears as something different from the rest of their games; they’ll flock to the next new game, having no reason to play . Thus they buy or sell, but don’t stick around. And when they eventually do, meet a wallbouncer…then what do they do? The 2nd one is a inner wallbouncer at heart, who doesn’t know yet or does, & is willing to give gears a try; why? Because he’s just the type were looking for; one who could, and would have a reason to stick around; because he already likes or comes to find out to like what makes gears different. Thus the conclusion is to go draw the people who would still be drawn later on; regardless of the new games that do come. To take the risk by catching the hearts of people who want to try something new & take a risk away from the ordinary & mundane.

Further more: how will anyone remember gears if they forget the name? Remembering the wallbounce; how will they remember what game it is, if they forgot, but remember the name? The wallbounce? How should you respond to a newbie, saying “oh so it’s just like everyother game!” That your trying to convert into a gears fan, but you don’t have the game with you to show them the difference? Mention the wallbounce or show them, the wallbounce. They might think wallbounce is stupid at 1st; but if the’re a wallbouncer at heart, their heart will draw them back to what they just witnessed, or will or forgot; but somehow can’t let go.