Chrome Steel Weapons

Anyone has the Chrome Steel set? how does it look in game in terms of darkness/shine?

Yes / very nice.

Awfully dull, in my opinion.


I’m with you mate, not great at all. Phantom Black are still my go-to :+1:

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Needs more shine

I don’t even like Chrome Steel on characters. I think it’s bland AF.

Black Steel was vastly superior.


I almost agree re Chrome but Myrrah does look great… I mean she would if course :+1:

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Some look good

Chrome steel locust drone looks amazing for example. Palace guard too but be prepared to see nothing with that massive head :rofl:

Too bad they didn’t put a bag over her head.

^that ■■■■■■■ headpiece. Covers half your screen.

Dude I miss blacksteel from 4 :sob:


We all do mate. I have about 10-12 BS characters in 4 and they are mostly all excellent.

black steel superstar cole tho

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Picked up CS weapons along with CS Keeg who is :fire: . Really “pops” on the battlefield. More than the measly Heroic skins. Caught several gawking already. 10/10 would buy again.

Chrome steel drone looks like sans