Chrome Steel Weapon Skins

Does anyone think we might get a chance to get these skins, will they ever be back ?

TC dodges the question every time it’s brought up.

There’s only 2 vague hints that Chrome Steels will return at some point.

Fixed a UI issue where Chrome Steel Palace Guard text is overlapping in the store.

^this bit from the latest TU patch notes. Palace Guard was already in the store and has been vaulted for about 2(?) months now. So either someone at TC was extremely bored or he’s gonna return at some point.

Once the Operation is over all content either moves to the permanent collection or will be temporarily unavailable until it comes back in the newly-added Featured Section. This section brings back select items from previous Operations which will be rotated weekly. Items here will be available for both Iron and Gears Coins.

This is from but Esports isn’t directly adressed, but so far at least 3 Esports weapon sets returned so id say the others might return at some point as well.

I really wish they would put old Chrome Steels and Esports weapon sets in their own weekly rotation to give people who were late to the party another chance to obtain them. I know I would buy at least 5 or 6 of the old CS that I missed out on. And I certain will grab the weapon set if it ever shows up.