Chrome Steel weapon skin set, PLEASE can I have it BACK?

I tried contacting @TC_Shauny and @TC_Sera about this, no response.

I bought CS Weapon Skin Set on February 27th, used it for a week and then it just disappeared from my inventory.

Here’s the purchase proof

Please can I get help and get this stuff back, I would appreciate it greatly.

Thank you for reading, if you have the same or similar issue, please post, let’s try and bring this to their attention, I see weapon set is still on sale in store so awareness should be spread about the potential consequences.

Hello, please submit a support ticket.

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I think he already has, that’s the problem. I submitted one several weeks ago over the same issue and hadn’t heard from them at all. But was able to tag Kilo/Shauny and he was able to restore my missing skins within minutes. I think people can be forgiven in thinking that if they can get TC’s attention on here, they can get the problem fixed, and fixed much more quickly because the truth is, some forumers like myself have been lucky enough for that to happen.


Exactly this, I did submit a ticket and contacted them over twitter but nothing yet, I did this in hopes to get some attention and hopefully get it resolved like you did, thanks for understanding.

Matters regarding money should be top priority for TC.

Support tickets involving missing purchases should be resolved first.

Don’t know why TC does such things.

It breaks the relationship between customer and company.


I couldn’t agree more, I am actually shocked this is happening, official in-game store is broken, I am spending real life money to support their business and I get punished in return, what the hell is going on?!


You see these instances multiple times every week.

Someone or the other would create a thread on the forums or tag the community managers on Twitter stating that, “My chrome steel character skins haven’t been delivered yet even though I paid the money” or “My chrome steel weapon skins have disappeared” or “I paid for iron/ boost but I didn’t receive it”, etc.

Players are forced to make a thread here or tag the community managers because it is faster than submitting a support ticket and waiting for a response.

An average consumer sees instances like this and feels disheartened to purchase anything from the in-game store.

Moreover, TC receives a bad reputation.

Like I said before, issues involving money should always be top priority for TC. Problems must be resolved within 7 business days, Anytime after that, its outright thievery.

I hope you get your chrome steel weapon skin sets soon.


I wholeheartedly thank you for your comments and agree fully with your statements, this shouldn’t happen, period, this is an AAA title and stuff like in-game store and money related transactions should always work without a hiccup, I’m sure TC isn’t happy about this and they need to find what’s causing it ASAP.