Chrome Steel Trash

How you guys feel about the chrome steel set? Its very bland,I personally think they should’ve brought back the black steel. Black steel looks more clean.

Theres nothing “steel” about them. Its more like Grey Matte skins. I think they could be good if they were actually steel


Ugly as sin. Not sure why they didnt go with White Steel or heck, stay with Black Steel.


Not gonna happen and for the better.
It will be a mess if they sell yet again Black Steel characters after all stuff people left behind in gears 4


So what if they did Black Steel? Name one game that carries over purchases when a new one is released. You bought those skins for Gears 4 not the life of the franchise

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I’m still raging about what they did to the gold skins in comparison to GOW2 :frowning_face:

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Community will start to complain (as always do it for everything even if it’s a logical step) over and over and over because someone they will be demanding clasic characters

“Bring me back my main man Baird”
“Where’s black steel Cole”
Bla bla bla bla

Then, when they add it to the store community will be complaining about.
“why I have to purchase it again? The coalition sucks”
"They never put any effort only recycling’


I mean thats happening now.

They can say this all they want. This is easily explainable and the answer is Because its a different game. You think all the stuff people bought in GTA 5 will transfer over when 6 comes out? I doubt it. All the packs people buy in the Madden/Fifa series do they transfer over? Nope. And those games come out yearly. At least you had a few years with your BS characters

At the end of the day if TC wants to sell these new characters they need to make them more appealing to us.


We talking about why black steel characters from Gears 4 won’t appear (and shouldn’t) in Gears 5.
That’s the whole point.

or if they were super shiny like chrome

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If they did gold skins like the GoW 2 ones, they would definitely get my money. Which annoys me but man those skins were perfect.

Why are they even called chrome when they aren’t chrome, they are black and white

Upvoted. These skins ****** blow

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But the hivebuster


Trash, just like the servers, flashbangs, lack of content

Definitely not worth 15 bucks for a character color change:/ its not even esports supporter anymore its all just corporate greed. Sad to see gears in this state

Hey shut up! Chrome steel are cool

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So keep your horrible thoughts to you self they made it it’s their game so your just gonna have to deal with it

It’s an opinion that they’re allowed to make on a public forum.

It’s also not really worth digging up an over two year old thread for. Can’t fault the user for not using the search function, but still(see no other way, at least reasonable, that this would have been found otherwise by a new poster).