Chrome steel skins sniper

SO im forure buying some of these skins this week

IS THE NEW chrome steel sniper the locust drone or the swarm ??? i need to know !!!

Swarm. It’s an old skin returning to the store.

but it doesnt specify :frowning:

So… if you already knew the answer then why did you ask? I gave you an answer but you’re already telling me that it’s incorrect?

i didnt say it was incorrect, im just saying that they didnt specify. you might be right but they released the bolter when they released some older skins. so im thinking this might be a new skin since they didnt specify

you really wanna try buying somthing that you may not even get? when all these other people are losing the items they bought. honestly wait till they fix the chrome steel issue

They normally include an image if it’s a new one. Also they tend to alternate them and the last one was Locust Bolter, so the next one is much more likely to be a human one.

Also the skin name for the Swarm Chrome Steel Sniper is “Chrome Steel Sniper”. The wording doesn’t include “Swarm”; whereas the Locust Sniper skin name is “Locust Sniper”. It seems like skins don’t tend to make the distinction unless there is a chance of confusion and clashing of names - for example the Locust Drone has that distinction as there is also a Swarm Drone; and the Grenadier and Grenadier Elite.

i just buy em and wait till they hit my inventory , this happened to me once and i got my skins like a month later . they do need to fix that issue its pretty frustrating

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