Chrome Steel Looks Better Than Expected!


It’s definitely different :sweat_smile:

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Looks expensive :joy:

Diamond Steel would look ace.

As would Titanium !

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Fahz isn’t my guy, but the Scion. I can dig it. Guilded Scion looks like ■■■■.

Maybe they could do that as a character thing again depending on rank?
Like the Emerald Gear etc


I think they will for sure.


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I got Fahz simply because… if it’s anything like gears 4… itll be a long time until the skin will be available again.
I’ll skip the scion… I like guilded better… not that I ever play as scion lol!
I’ll probably skip the rest of the cog side chrome steel too… I personally have nice skins for kait, jd, and marcus.

Mabey the swarm side I’ll be interested in however since there is hardly any variety at the moment.

Ahhhh! Yeh out eh yeh league mate!


Diamond Ruby Super Emerald Steel !!!

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Nothing about these skins looks chrome. They look grey.

Grey Steel / Brushed Steel.

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It’s trash. What makes it more trash? The game being trash.

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I understand the viewpoint :+1:

Game is literally in need of more maps …

They look too plain to me. Nothing shiny like the black steel.


That’s why it’s more Brushed Steel.

In game, it’s almost indistinguishable.

Unicorn Steel when?

My iron is ready.

Yeah, chrome is shiny/reflective.
I wouldn’t say these skins are either of those.
Mabey stainless steel. Not chrome steel.
Like my dishwasher… and refrigerator lol

Omg take all my money :eyes:

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Even Stainless Steel can be shiny.

I wouldn’t call it Chrome at all.

It’s definitely Brushed Steel which is more of a matte finish.

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