Chrome Steel Looks Better Than Expected!


I’ll mail you the cash ASAP !!

eagerly awaits new laptop


Damn. That has to be the easiest transaction of all time.

I got a ton of more crap that you can have. But first, I need your credit card number

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Is it all Chrome Steel stuff?

If so,

I’ll send you the details right away!


It looks very boring mate but i guess its perfect for this boring game lol



At least the chance of good skins is a nice distraction!

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id buy it for $1.99, like it should cost. it’s just a skin color swap from the looks of it…


Im obsessed with buying black steel packs but these chrome characters are very disappointing

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I do wanna see more effort,

I felt Black Steel 1-8 except 2, where really good and then effort level seemed to go down.

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my Fahz doesn’t say anything, is it supposed to be anyway? does your say something?

You’re joking right…? This has to be a joke, they’re awful.


My Fahz doesn’t stop talking!

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If you worked out how to stop him talking please share your secrets.


Omg somebody bought it ? Also Notice the rifle pack has no lancer i swear this store is a rip off, there testing to see if ppl buy this rubbish, obviously ppl do, so we’ll continue to get this stuff in the store now :roll_eyes:


Lancer is popular so got offered separate as people probably enough free iron to get it.

Better than black steel though lol

I don’t know what it is, but the sharp lines and edges make it look like the prometheans from halo.

I’ll reserve my judgment when Chrome Steel Kait comes.

I think they need to stand out more,

But maybe next week!

Ah another person who awaits for chrome kait

Personally gonna buy Fahz cause if we should or possibly get a new chrome every week hopefully.
It could be a bit before we get kait so thats what 6 starter characters? on cog side not including kat emile sarah Jack and the escape guys so it could still be a good few weeks till kait so that just tells me that hey ima pick up fahz because it might be a while till kait or hunter/imago and I know I will have 15 dollars by then.

“Let’s show these barmy limpdicks what excellence looks like”

Now THAT is dialogue!