Chrome Steel JD

JD is my go-to for Gears 4-5.

Hes got some good lines and love him as a character.

I came to Gears 5 late unfortunately. Imagine how excited i was to see JD in his new marcus style look and honestly i love the new design when it appeared it in the campaign.

Now imagine my chagrin when it turns out that the only way to unlock bearded JD was to be here for the first few months of launch via the first TOD.

Look, TC. If you want to keep the best JD for the launch supporters thats cool but please whoever designs chrome steel JD please use his scarred model and not the standard version.

I NEED a bald JD in my loadout.

(alternatively please re-release the older skins)

Does anyone else feel slighted they missed out on campaign skins? I feel like Winter skins should have been rewarded for clearing act 2 with the Desert skins for completing the vascar acts.

They did sell a Winter JD in the store, which was bald and bearded. Something else may pop up.

I expect the Chrome Steel variant to be scarred JD, since Kait and Fahz’s steel outfits were the ones that they wore during Act 4.

At least I got that Winter version.
I did a few month break of this game before I could get one of the bald one from ToD1.

No. Screw that. He along with the other OP1 skins appeared in the campaign. They should be permanently unlockable.

And I have him. Still think it should be permanent.

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Yea but I’m pretty sure that Winter JD was sold during or near the end of Op 1, thus obviously he missed that too.

Pretty sure just like in all video games that do a seasonal/operational battle pass of some sort…you didn’t play that season, you don’t get it…I mean.if you play/played 4 and JD is your main, pretty sure you knew about 5…and its release. I mean no offense OP. That’s just the way it is. Another cool JD will come along.

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During OP2 he could be bought again for one week.

Not all video games, and usually not for default campaign skins.

I joined late cause life came up. Its pretty pants the skins in the promotional material/box art are unplayable outside of campaign but for those very first few.

But regardless, im fine with them keeping it exclusive im just asking that chrome steel/future skins use his new beardly skin for us late comers.

This would be like if you played apex but all the champions default outfits were locked for season 1 only.

@Gareth3884 I get it. It will come back around. It wouldn’t bother me either. Developers love tbe Fomo though they want that fear to be hitting hard.

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Still waiting :frowning: Del still needs one too

The huge skin leak didnt show any JD or Del… lol. Dont worry, I’m sure we’ll see CS Kait rereleased for the ninth time before them. So … theres that at least =/

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A friend of mine recently claimed that he saw Chrome Steel Del. He couldn’t remember where, but it was on some social media site. He claimed that it was based on the Desert Armor variant of Del. Anyone confirm?

Same friend that claimed Lv6 would fix Liz’ Scorcher?

We’re on the internet, beware of clickbaits and trolls at all times. Most CS skins so far are based off of the default skin for COG characters.

Different friend. :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe this is a sign for me to get new friends…


True, but there’s been a couple of exceptions to the rule - Paduk and Baird so it can’t be ruled out. I was surprised when I heard it too. That said, for JD and Tai I really wouldn’t want their default skins - would prefer Scarred JD and Hollow Storm Tai instead.

Hence why I said most.

Who knows if they even get a Chrome Steel before TC stops support for this game. With the current pace I’d be suprised if even one of them gets a CS.

I’d have thought that most of these skins have already been created so TC can just release them anytime they want.

With GOW4 they released their last Black Steel skins in early 2019 - January or February? So who knows? They may just keep on drip feeding them to the end.

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