Chrome Steel Grace

Grace is one of my most used characters.
If you watch the esports players on Rise Nation use her too.
I would like an alt skin, preferably Chrome Steel.

@Looopeeeeeee im talking about a chrome steel new day ? That is a troll…right? And Grace was a promo tie in from the most recent Terminator movie. Their wont be a “chrome steel version” sadly.

I like the New Day. They go very well with Surf.
I used Xavier today.

Chrome Steel Cybernetic Lesbian Belieber.

No thank you.


Thanks for the migraine.

Wow good job OP, except you’ve opened the floodgates for someone to rally for something that’s even more of a joke…Chrome Steel Mikayla

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You are a funny guy :joy:

Why is Mikayla a joke?

I expect Tactics characters to get Chrome Steel at some point in the future. +Gabe, +Sid, +Prescot, +Ukkon. Maybe +Disciple.


@Looopeeeeeee when did the surfin skin come out? I dont remember that one. Their was s 2 week period maybe 4 months post launch that I put the game down. Was it then? Or is it a special skin of some type? So, i guess you like to color coordinate your skins?

What…Why ?

Full set minus the boltok and I rock the golden gun skin for that one.

Why have any Chrome Steel releases ?

OP1 + Esports.

They don’t deserve our support.

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I’m paying towards Michael Shannon’s salary so he can keep making Gears of War the best PVE game out there.

Chrome Steel purchases go towards to the Esports-scene, not the PvE-department.



I redownloaded gears 5 with the announcement of locust in horde. It’s currently 3:28pm eastern time. I can’t find a full match of horde frenzy. I just played a match of quick play tdm and there was 4 people in the match 3 on cog one on swarm and the swarm ended up leaving. I’m gonna try ranked koth because you can’t social play koth anymore for some reason.

I am extremely confused to why versus has lost so many game modes and I’m not surprised at all that this game can’t fill a lobby despite gears 3 still being able to fill a quick play TDM.

What difficulty? I’ve never found issue finding a lobby or hosting horde or escape.

No problem hosting, and you can find lobbies, just never full lobbies

Why would a full lobby appear in search?

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