Chrome Steel Character Skins Errors?

I brought the Chrome Steel Fahz yesterday and it said there is an issue / error but my purchase was successful. The money has been taken from my bank as well.

Tried to see if there were any topics on this already but they are old and none specific to this issue.

Saw one about 2 weeks ago about a known issue but that was 2 weeks ago and it said that the skin should be available soon to you so i figured that meant the error should be resolved by now but i still got the error only yesterday.

Has anyone else had this in the last few days and know how to fix it or what the error is.

I have submitted a Ticket to TC.

@TC_Kilo1062 are you able to help with this or know about the error or if this is the same thing as a few weeks ago and when i may get the skin ?


There are quite few, but they all get closed most of the time.

Kilo responded in this thread, create a ticket and hope for best. But considering that that guy has been waiting for 4 months is concerning. To say the least.

I had an error message as well (after buying CS Keegan and the CS weapons), but I eventually got the skins about 2 hours later.

I can’t remember the error message exactly, but it said something to the effect of “there was a problem processing your purchase. We are aware of the problem and are working to fix it. Please visit for more details. We will add the items to your account when it’s fixed” or something similar.

The skins I got for Gear Coins were fine though.

Did you get an email receipt?

Oh yeah, a few months ago some guy posted about this CS being gone. Always record the process of buying. Just to get more proof in case somthing happens.

Something like it mine did say the purchase was successful.

I have a receipt of purchase yeah. Email.

I wont be waiting that long. I created a ticket soon as i got the error. Same as anything gotta keep pestering reminding them you still havent got it.

Previously when i have contacted TC via the ticket it has been fixed so i hope they dont let themselves down and have me lose faith in them now.

I just hope they fix it soon as a guy keep on buying but not actually receiving the purchase is mad.

Its basically like an online purchase waiting months for delivery. Cannot be having that. Lol


So did that guy in the other thread.

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Ill be in contact again if i havent heard back in the specified time they give.


Hopefully it will be sooner. Like I said, I got mine after a couple of horus so maybe this is the same problem I came across?

Hopefully. Nothing as of yet though

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Had this problem also still hasnt been fixed since feb 4th

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To add to this I still have not received the Fahz Chrome Steel skin.

Still waiting.

@TC_Kilo1062 do you have an idea of when this will be sorted for people and I as the money is taken but nothing received. Its been a while and other people have had their skins and have brought them no issues but others have not. ?

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Hey there,

I genuinely don’t know when it’ll be sorted, I can assure you I’ve been chasing up on it but I have no ETA :frowning:



Thought i finally got the skin

Within their 2 week wait.

I did have it for like a few seconds showed up was showing as available to equip in fahz character skins but could not equip it and restarted the game and was gone after that

This game :roll_eyes: