Chrome Steel, Black Steel, eSports and Skins Discussion

Realistic :joy::joy::joy:

Be great if it was sooner but these things have been like 10 hours long so i wouldn’t be surprised if it was another 7 hours to go🙄

Been 3 for 2 skins so far if were lucky we will get atleast 3 more skins in the next 3 hours but i doubt it.

Just woke up again…did I miss any black steel ?

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I would be suprised if it’s not longer.

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Take a wild guess. It’s not the middle of the night yet.

Actually, you missed the HB if you didn’t get her yesterday.

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Wooo for me anyways! I need a beer.

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Especially with all these aholes choking map 2 to force a map 3, just to make us watch each round longer lol


Ahaha lol😂

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I know, right? During the point-streams everyone got stomped and now that you want things to be over as quickly as possible it’s close match over and over again.

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You’d play different too when there’s money like that on the line.

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Yay Xplooidz! Not even a FNI fan, but that slick trip snipe both looked sexy for a snipe player like myself, but more importantly stopped a Map 3 from happening finally, next skin that much closer.

Do you honestly expect TC to release more CS with the recent BS-announcement?

I’d love to see more CS but I gave up any hope for new ones.

Well except I never would be, since it’s Escalation lol now Gridiron or Execution (eventho I’m a Guardian player, can’t see that in esports like those 2 could) yea, that’s way more fun to play and watch.

Yea other than the leaked ones that haven’t come out yet, I get that same feeling… granted it doesn’t hit me like it does you, I only got a couple of them… but just saying the combo of BS coming back, and the section of buying any of them at any time added, that combo kinda seems like they are done.

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I guess we’ll find out tomorrow, but I’m curious if the 3 bucks price tag is a one time thing and if they continue the FOMO-approach or if they’re added to the store whenever new ones are added.

Also; if they fixed the issues with missing purchases. Probably not.

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I believe Execution is making it to eSports due to good feedback (2.0)

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Good lol cause that entire point thing for the other BS skins, I just turned the streams on and walked away… the exception was that Execution tournament that counted, watched that entire thing cause it actually was fun to watch.

Ditto, but I’ll probably go ahead and cop him right away to go along nicely with my newly completed set after tonight (minus Overkill and Enforcer that was sneaky claims at one point I guess lol I’m not sweating it, as a primarily PVP player, I never touch either of those guns anyways)

But yea I’ll prob get him right away to match my new set, but not match cause I’ll be COG majority of my games after that, usually how it works lol.

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Meh, I was never a huge fan of BS or Savage Kantus for that matter. And the leaks I’ve seen so far weren’t very promising either. The UIR soldier looked kinda nice, might get that if the pricetag is the same.

Still considering getting the CS Scion, but I’ll wait and see if the Grenadier shows up in my inventory to push that decision in either direction.

Will there be a male UIR black steel?

60 k / 5 so about12 k for everyone.
Since Corvid I would move for that also.