Chrome Steel, Black Steel, eSports and Skins Discussion

And why are the black steel skins always at the end of the stream its like they know people are only watching for the BS skins so they leave them till the very end.:roll_eyes:

Yeah unfortunately I will miss out on the lancer and gnasher, can’t stay up until 2am for them.

You just answered your own question


I can do it I can do it I can do it.

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So you think im right then thats why its last?

Why i dont understand though is why is a stream that is like 10 hours long or more im not sure exactly, takes THAT long to give you just 6 skins ?:thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking:

Well yesterday they had another chance to get the BS Markza at the beginning of the stream if were lucky they will have the same
thing today for the hammerburst. Dont know about lancer and gnasher though one of them maybe but there always like an hour or so till the very end one i can bet it would be a lancer at 2am🙄

They want you to watch the whole stream and keep the viewer numbers up. They know that a lot of people are just in the stream for the skins. As soon as the final skin is given out, the viewer numbers dips a lot.

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Even more reason to leave the BS till the end.

Exactly because it is so long.
I’m not a fan of sports but not even soccer bothers you that long, I heard Baseball can go these ways,
Seriously who wants that.
And that is exactly why the most wanted Item is last, most people wouldn’t care otherwise.

OR you dont watch the stream, keep this topic open on the forum and when it updates with the BS skin then jump on the stream and get it :joy::joy: the easy method :joy:

Yeah forgetting one point, you still need to be awake for it. I was lucky guessing the right time with my alarm.
You see how silly it is no ?

Yeah i agree. Especially for people who dont want to waste 10 hours of their life watching people run around a map killing each other. Prob not so bad if its in US and its through the morning and afternoon or something but in the UK people like to sleep occasionally :joy::joy:

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Fair enough, but we also run into the trouble of it taking place while I’m at work… we can’t all have that glorious 9-5 Monday-Friday with weekends off like they seem to think :stuck_out_tongue:

But I been having to keep an eye on it and claiming when I see, been working out, well yesterday anyway and hopefully today, was off Friday.

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Wish I could find a clip of Macs “Oho, technical difficulties?” -voiceline rn.

But seriously, wasn’t the stream supposed to begin 10 minutes ago or is this a timezone thing?

Quests tab is also totally blank / empty for me as well…
Most recent in the Twitter tab says starts in an hour(?) but website says 4pm UK and its 4:16pm so must be running late…

Just hope the Hammerburst is there again managed to fall asleep last night only 10 mins before it rolled out :frowning:

Can’t really blame you. That stream went on for way too long. According to their announcement the BS HB should definitely show up again, Then again, it’s the post that said the stream would be running by now.

Weapon Skins – The following weapon skins will be given away during the Sunday broadcast: Neon Scorcher, Neon Mace, Neon Torque Bow, Neon Boomshot, Black Steel Hammerburst, Black Steel Gnasher, and Black Steel Lancer skins. These items are not a raffle, all you need to do is complete the Quest and they will be entitled to your account.

In any case; if I were you I would rev up that coffee-machine. Lancer/Gnasher probably won’t show up before 1-2am. Most likely later.

Streams up - 15min countdown timer active!
Still no quests in the quest tab yet… :grimacing:

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Uiiiii, the stream is online.

:stop_sign: STOP! Hammer(burst) time! :loudspeaker: Black Steel Hammerburst available AGAIN to claim NOW :bell: at :desktop_computer: :eyes: during the Gears Pro League 2020-2021 Spring Major get it before it closes! :closed_lock_with_key:


Hammerburst went up after all :slight_smile:
Just grabbed it and the A20 too