Chrome Steel, Black Steel, eSports and Skins Discussion

Yo yo yo nice one!

I only dig the skins for Mace and Claw that change crystal color, and there are just a few.

Spasibo, bratishka :v:

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There’s ff?


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is that all it takes to kill identivez lol when are you and clown making a esports team?

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Those days are past me.

3 hours gone and still only 1 skin :roll_eyes:. Atleast 7 hours to go with 5 skins left :roll_eyes: .

:loudspeaker: Neon Online Breaker Mace available to claim NOW :bell: at :desktop_computer: :eyes: during the Gears Pro League 2020-2021 Spring Major get it before it closes! :closed_lock_with_key:

What a coincidence :joy:

7 hours & 4 skins left :joy::roll_eyes::sleeping::sleeping::expressionless:

Predicting: Tbow during EU vs VQ
Boom during winner of current vs loser of EU/VQ
BS Lancer and Gnasher both during the grand final that’s best of 5 stead of best of 3.

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Oof, that’s optimistic.

Realistic :joy::joy::joy:

Be great if it was sooner but these things have been like 10 hours long so i wouldn’t be surprised if it was another 7 hours to go🙄

Been 3 for 2 skins so far if were lucky we will get atleast 3 more skins in the next 3 hours but i doubt it.

Just woke up again…did I miss any black steel ?

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I would be suprised if it’s not longer.

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Take a wild guess. It’s not the middle of the night yet.

Actually, you missed the HB if you didn’t get her yesterday.

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Wooo for me anyways! I need a beer.

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Especially with all these aholes choking map 2 to force a map 3, just to make us watch each round longer lol


Ahaha lol😂

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I know, right? During the point-streams everyone got stomped and now that you want things to be over as quickly as possible it’s close match over and over again.

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You’d play different too when there’s money like that on the line.

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