Chrome Steel, Black Steel, eSports and Skins Discussion

Only the Semi and Grand Finals are streamed, not the first rounds.
Stream will be live a couple of hours after the start of the tournament.

Keep an eye on official Gears Esports Twitter for a go live tweet.


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Thanks for that!

And this latest match, presumably tomorrow, should we expect a live stream when it says it begins?

That one possibly won’t be streamed, I’ve not heard anything but will double check.

Woot, the AstroBattles should be heading to stream soon, Semifinals are set:

Yep, is up now

Team Stim Enforcer is live

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:loudspeaker: Team Stim Enforcer available to claim NOW :bell: at :desktop_computer: :eyes: during the ASTRO Battles 2v2 Open #2 get it before it closes! :closed_lock_with_key:
Team Stim Enforcer


:loudspeaker: Team Stim Overkill available to claim NOW :bell: at :desktop_computer: :eyes: during the ASTRO Battles 2v2 Open #2 get it before it closes! :closed_lock_with_key:
Team Stim Overkill


The list is getting smaller. 7 skins left

Swarm Pod Dropshot
Swarm Pod Scorcher

Delicious Enforcer
Delicious Overkill

Stim Lancer
Stim Gnasher
Stim Snub



It’s been getting smaller :joy:


I’ve been waking up in a cold sweat at night thinking about these weapon skins.


FINALLY. I’ve always been too afraid to admit it. Now I’m not so alone.

Relaxing indeed.

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I had a nightmare that I missed one of those skins because I popped out to the shops.


I also had a nightmare where I missed 1 of the skins. But then I remembered that I haven’t been caring about any of those stream skins for almost a year and that made me feel a lot better.

I have nightmares about nightmares of missing out on skins only obtainable through streams.

Some of us care.

I had a nightmare that classic dom with his khaki pants and gears 1-2 accurate haircut was available in an esports stream.

Yeah. That’s perfectly fine. I know some people are really enthusiastic skin collectors. I am too to an extent. It’s just that all that stream stuff, it’s just too much a hassle for me, even if I don’t actually watch it.

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After this Friday the final 1v1 season will be announced with also the last Major.