Chrome Steel, Black Steel, eSports and Skins Discussion

The exciting news about Black Steel hit recently with Myself and many others pretty happy to see their glorious return. The only issue is the method of obtaining them…This is certainly a ploy to gain viewership on the upcoming streams hence this being a method for quite awhile now.

I Don’t think I’ll ever understand this high demand to want make eSports relevant but I guess without it we wouldn’t have Chrome or Black Steel. I can’t really speak too much for eSports because I don’t follow/have enough information related to it, Hoping some people who do know wouldn’t mind sharing.

Much as I dislike the point claim system its probably going to be this way for the entire weapon set of Black Steel. Even worse I do not believe we will see the return of Black Steel characters considering the current state of Chrome Steel characters.

Some questions to answer if you don’t like reading

  • What do you think of Black Steel returning and which do you prefer between them and Chrome?
  • Would you rather Black Steel be in the store or free to earn?
  • Do you think Gears should continue to promote eSports?
  • Do you think Black Steel Characters will return?

When we say “earnable”, it really depends on what you mean by that. I mean, having to watch hours of an eSports stream for several consecutive weeks is a pain because if you miss a stream, you end up missing something usually. And for timezone reasons, it can be tough on some players from different regions. In the UK the Tuesday/Wednesday streams don’t finish until around 3am.

If we’re talking earnable from ingame things, like as a reward for a TOD medals section and the game mode is up for 2-3 weeks or something, then that’s different.


I think it’s cool that Black Steel is returning. I like both Black and Chrome Steel but Black is definitely better.

Just put them in the store, its basically free money at that point for TC and the eSports scene. Black Steel basically funded entire events in Gears 4.

Yes, the more eyes on Gears the better.

I hope they bring characters back. Black Steel Hivebuster Lahni would be so sick.


I think overall I’m a black steel fan. The first pack I truly cared for was esports supporter pack 4 I think? It had the black steel grenadier and some other characters but I needed to have it. But after pack 4 I started spending more on the newest packs that released. I was always fortunate enough when getting characters as every pack I bought, I had received a character, even before TC fixed the pack system and it guaranteed you a character. As for weapon skins? Ehh I really liked them but I didnt have the kind of money to just spend $50 for an assembly retro lancer. So whatever weapon skins I got I was happy with.

Going forward to 5, Chrome steel is nice, I’m a big fan of the color grey (hence the name) so having a lighter color was more appealing to me. But comparing the two, black steel never looked bad on a character, but with CS, some characters look bad (Paduk) with it or it’s not detailed enough for me to care to buy it. I’m very picky now with who I buy and I’ve only bought 4 CS characters, Fahz, Kait, Ben, and Jermad. I’ll be buying Lizzie whenever she releases, most likely when the 2024 presidential election is going on but I’ll be waiting for her.

I think CS is a nice skin and it really pops on some characters like the Onyx Guards and Baird (shocker) but overall its vastly inferior to black steel as every character looked great with it.

And I’m not crazy about them returning, if we get a black steel Lizzie or a black steel Fahz, then I might consider changing my opinion.


I think on the whole, BS looks nicer, although there were some total stinkers though. The BS Griffin, DeeBee Shepherd, and Gary Carmine skins were really awful looking.

CS doesn’t look as bad as some people say. Some of them are realy nice - Fahz, the Onyx Guards, Clayton, Theron Guard, Bolter, and Baird.

This is probably the biggest issue with their whole watch system. TC seems to be playing the “exclusives” card here even if it doesn’t favor everyone.

I remember those Gears 4 events where they started at like 10:30am for me and ended at 9pm…You had to be there to claim rewards. Nearly 12 hours for those big events for 3 days straight.

I thought BS Gary looked great lol.

I’ve made my thoughts clear on this many times already.

Black Steel Queen Myrrah…


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Gears eSports is quite boring to me… I haven’t had the motivation to watch any of it since that time they gave out those ‘Overture’ loadout weapon skins. (The ones with the Esports logo on them)

Especially nowadays when they just gonna drop the entire skin sets in the store a couple of months later… :roll_eyes: Or they release full sets for $10,- while I had to spend $7,50 of Iron on just the loadout set…

Bet your *** they’ll be releasing those Black Steel skins in the store later. Because, you know, $$$$.

Not gonna waste time anyway, trying to collect a skin set (by watching those streams at unholy times) while they release another cool looking skin set later on. Making those hard earned stream skins, pretty much worthless to me… :grimacing:

*However, I’d pay for Black Steel characters again! :joy:

It would be nice if they would let you use the chrome steel character after purchasing it, 2 days ago I purchased chrome steel Baird, he is still not available to use, does anyone know how to fix or go about this?

Have you submitted a support ticket through their official website? It’s a fairly common issue unfortunately.

Yes still nothing

Anyone watching the stream? I don’t think TC went into detail about how many pts you get per hour but I think they’ve been live for almost 4hrs and I’ve got around 300pts.

The rules stated you couldn’t leave the tab minimized either…

I don’t like the look of either sadly.

I’ve had a video player tab open and been watching movies and still got points.

You have the required amount of points for each respective skin and you have acquired points that week by watching for one hour OR completing a ‘Check-in’ quest. (Remember, points do not update right away)
Quests are initially inactive and will appear greyed out. They will be activated at the beginning of each stream on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Can anyone who watched the TP-streams explain this to me? Why do they mention quests when the tab doesn’t even show up anymore.

I had the option to make a “prediction” once in the twitchchat-tab, but that’s it and nothing came out of it.

Also; Stream started at 22:45 for me and ended at 03:46 so technically I should have 500 points rn. But since this system is so great it’s only 400. Because of course it is.

Also; even the outro is dripping with despair. Really thrilled to see what they’re gonna start hiding behind streams next now that they played their ace. Black Steel Characters at the end of each season or whatever they call them?

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Is 300 points a lot?

I got 400 points fellas.

I got 400. The stream was on for 5 hours and it’s supposed to be 100 per hour watched.

Also it seems more like 100 points for every 75 minutes watched if I’m honest. Same as the last split.

EDIT: Some people in the chat claim to have 500, 600 or even 700 points but I have no clue how. I presume they’re just messing around. According to the eSports blogpost thing they cap the number of points. I think it’s 600 per stream/day.


can confirm to have 500pts now after only having 400…so its slightly true about it updating. Curious about the “check-in” quest @HerrKatzchen mentioned though. Does that mean we can get more pts on top of just watching or is it like makeup points?

holy hell whoever made this sucks, I’m sorry.