Chrome rifle bundle doesn't include lancer. How is that not a middle finger

As stated in the title, how in the hell are they going to include a chrome rifle bundle that doesn’t include the main rifle of the series? If you want the Lancer you need an extra 5 and another 5 if you want the talon, that’s including the bundle.


Link? Is this only in the Gears 5 store in game?

Yes check the esports store in the game

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Tc logic lol. Too bad players will be gullible to this.

Nanj?!?! HHahaha. I missed Gears of war 3. I felt like I got my money worth despite buying 2 copies for the skins i wanted, season pass and gun skins. I felt like that was the most honest gears as far as content goes

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Really? Because I remember that game getting criticized all over the place for selling a billion different lancer skins at like $3 a pop. I also distinctly remember buying the animated rainbow one.

I say it was split or just the day in time. But i remember you could buy the lancer bundle and I did that with the lancer and gnasher and was satisfied