Christmas XP 666 how many of you would like this xp to come back

Me the more the marrier


12x for the 12 days of Christmas of course.


Probably not going to happen but sounds like a Christmas miracle.

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I believe.

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The triple 6 was sort of a Halloween thing but I’m sure they’ll give up some stacked XP for the holidays. I prefer the CR bonuses since XP means very little to me but at this point, I’m not short on either.

I would just like to play the game without it freezing tbh…but that would require a real miracle

It would require you to downgrade your drivers to 382.33. That’s not a miracle, just ■■■■■■■ annoying.

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Thank God I don’t play this game on PC…

No decimals. It should’ve been 13! It is so needed. Do extra xp on all games but do extra credits on the events. I just hope it runs for at least 4 weeks covering the New Year’s weekend, too. Please add some new bounty challenges!

i will downgrade lol

tired of the random crashing

Hell no.

christmas 666 doesn’t even make sense

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I’d just be happy with anything extra at this point.

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my game never freezes… ever

Considering some of us are still here and have been playing since release day then yes there should be a significant XP event for Christmas. Having said that it does invite a horrible amount of inexperienced players into VS and Horde then no. They are doing 12 days of Christmas so it stands a chance to pop up.

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what’s your setup?