Christmas Sweater Mac

I want them to take mac out of the store so they can sell a return of the mac skin.


It’s kleptomaniac mac

My good friend . how are you @Luckystar37

I was thinking that with the introduction of "ALL FATHERS ARENA " that is a cheap version of ROME COLOSSEUM , there should be a version of DDM dressed as GLADIATOR , since it would match definetely wth such map.

I do think that more than a " TC Developer Mac " I do believe that such character its true vision of the developers filosophy at TC, just a dumbed down version of humanity itself LOL

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Who the hell is Mac? I thought he was some generic Scotsman.

Just going to pretend i didn’t read any of your comment

Oh gee I’m so sorry. Was I supposed to read a book or comic before playing a game to know who the hell he is? Because if that’s the case that’s a fail.

LOL good one

No comic book required, but if it was a comic it would be the best comic in existence.

Super Hero Mac, has a nice ring to it.

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Delivery Driver Mac or as we fondly called him " THE BIG MAC " its without a doubt the reason Gears 5 was developed , and the only TRUE REASON why we are all gathered here and put up with a game so broken as it right now…

in second place Lancer GL its the other big thing we have… other than that… nothing else has meaning towards Gears 5 itself.

No no you have it all wrong. Gears 5 was saved by generic African American Army ghetto girl yelling MF every 5 Seconds.

LOL… no man… It was Delivery Driver Mac who really have the power of the THE COALITION government here… he is the one who’s going to make Gears 5 have trillions of thousand of players worldwide.

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This is a fact.

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If ammo scarcity @o_F_3_R_R_3_T_o its fixed I even going to use " the big mac " on my picture profile on this forum I swear man !!! :smile: