Christmas Sweater Mac

As many of you know, Delivery Driver Mac was received extremely well by the community. So much so that TC decided to bless us by allowing us to purchase him for two weeks due to such overwhelming demand, some would argue the fact that his purchasable existence single-handedly saved Gears 5.

However, as of late I’ve not had enough Mac in my life which is causing me chronic depression. I propose putting him back in the store, but not as Delivery Driver Mac as every person playing Gears 5 has clearly already purchased him.

So i suggest and get ready for this because it will blow your mind and cure your depression.

Christmas Sweater Mac.

I know what your all thinking, incredible, mind blowing, ■■■■■■■ genius.

Think of the money TC (and i know you are) fits in with the holiday season and will instantly make everyone empty their wallets for the pure joy of owning this wonderful addition to the Gears franchise.

If it worked for Dizzy it will work for the Mac.


I said this a while ago. I would bet that’s why they made a point of putting out a sweater character right away.


Pffft, I hacked the game and already put an Xmas sweater on my Mac, couldn’t wait for TC or risk not completing my life considering they may be too stupid to release this

Its not just a great idea

Its religion


Yes man… however I didn’t purchase him, however If it becomes available again Ill purchase it, I mean if you have it Ill buy it too… also my friend here @SaffronSnail276 also recommended me to buy our BIG MAC.

Yes man, MAC saved Gears 5 and also the Lancer GL those two are the ones who really make apart Gears 5.

I wonder @o_F_3_R_R_3_T_o if you would buy it , being completely honest here… Let me know :slight_smile: I mean if you recommend me that design of mac I maybe use my mastercard to buy it.

Kindly let me know your position here .


I second this


I would create new Xbox accounts just to purchase him again, his existence will surely secure Gears 5 future and bring back hundreds of millions of players.

Mystic Mac told me so.


Ok… I think that would be a good idea to have " Christmas Sweater Mac " , I hope TC its checking this thread and if it becomes available Ill use mastercard to use christmas mac on horde.

maybe we can bump each other on Horde and we will starting a new fashion trend on the game.

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When does Gearsmas usually drop?

Friday maybe?

The mods dont like my delivery driver mac comments they end up getting deleted which is super lame but because its light hearted fun but it is what it is.

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I feel so conflicted. On one hand part of would love and cherish having a Christmas Sweater Mac to go alongside my Delivery Driver Mac, but now that Lizzie is here I feel like I’d prefer a christmas sweater Lizzie but at the same time who the heck needs any other character when you have the collector’s Onyx guard Casan?

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Hi man :smile: fancy to see you again…

I think you should stick with Onyx Guard Casan, I think that’s the way to go man… you shouldn’t be conflicted on this man.

Its like having a dilemma wether to drink Pepsi or Coca - Cola man, you know in your heart that Coca - cola its THE WAY A SOFT DRINK ITS MEANT TO BE DRINK .

I’m definetely going to buy delivery driver mac " christmas edition " I mean… I dont have any version of good ol’ mac… and I need that in my life however. :smile:

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What can I say? I just can’t seem to stay away from the forums :joy: I truly hope that one day they readd DDM to the store for your sake though once you’ve let him into your heart, there is truly no turning back.

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Yes man I do agree that once I see Delivery Driver Mac on the store its going to be as significant as when I approached my wife for the first time in the bank and I fell in love with her… once that happened I REALLY DIDN’T HAVE ANY TURNING BACK … I knew my life was doomed at that point.

Such encounter has to give me the same feeling as checking the TC’S store and seeing there DDM for sale. I know I have to give the bucks and have it as my own…

So many people has MAC , you @SaffronSnail276 , also my good friend here @o_F_3_R_R_3_T_o I mean I can’t be the only one without him. !!!


Yes we needed a Halloween sweater mac too! Oh well

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I would prefer chrome steel delivery Mac

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I’ll do you one better:

Big Mac

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How about Vollyball mac


How about “TC Developer Mac”, I’m sure this would be on everyone’s wishlist… He could have expressions like “This game’s amazing” and “Check out the store” and “I work better with Iron/Boost” and “Check out my Bloodspray/Mark/Banner”.

I think a store price of 39.99 would be suitable, but he’d only last for a single Operation/TOD. You’d have to re-purchase him every 3 months to keep using him.


1K iron…,merry christmas :grinning::grinning::grinning:

Let’s be honest my friend, that’s a steal.

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