Chrismas event PvE?

I missed out on the Christmas event last year cuz I had it uninstalled, so I’m not really sure what goes on in gears 5 compared to gears 4. Is there a seasonal horde event that takes place? Like the jingle juvies mose in gears 4

Last year we had jingle juvies, we don’t know yet what we are getting this year but jingle juvies once again seems likely.

Sad news, we ain’t getting a Gearsmas this year. Its cause TC put a part with something weird in it, so its making a “Black Screen of Death” on peoples screens.

There will be announcements soon since the latest news did mention Gearsmas stuff on the way in the title update news.

Jingle juvies is almost a given since they are a staple/running tradition at this point so rev that chainsaw and get that gnasher all decked out.

Most likely we’ll get jingle juvies again and without a doubt Krampus Scion as the reward.

Fake news.

It will probably be something like jingle juvies or tracker ball.

Jingle Matriarch!? Jingle Wakaatu!? :thinking:

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Not exactly, yesterday some people got a black screen and I didn’t know what was causing it. But the real reason people were getting these was because Gears 5 couldn’t handle everyone downloading the game at the same time. Give a thanks to TBS Nikolai for figuring that out. We got it solved!

That’s a totally different thing altogether though. You claimed that there are no Gearsmas plans.

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Well downloading the update and 20 percent of Hivebusters on PC (and the entire dlc plus the update on XB 1X) made me hit my data cap.)

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Jingle Juvies with Paduk will be fun.

With Major Paduk!? :innocent:

Chrome Steel all the way.

But Chrome Steel Paduk is not based on Major Paduk. :unamused:

Don’t get me wrong, MjP is one of the 3 store-items I bought with Iron since coins became a thing but Chrome Steel is simply superior. Just look at them boots. Perfect for curbstomping.

Yeah, thats because someone on my Gearsmas post said there wouldn’t be anything because TC is fixing the Gears 5 problem.

We’re getting Snowball Fight and Jingle Juvies, with challenges to go with them.