Choose your Promo Class Cards

If you had to choose 3 (or less) existing skill cards from the pool of all current classes to flesh out the underwhelming promotional classes, what would they be?

Feel free to change a class perk for Horde, but explain why. For the point of this exercise, NO NEW skill card concepts.


Armored Shot (bleeds when stimmed, Nomad)
Consecutive Shot (stacking crit damage, Nomad)
Headshot Damage (Veteran)

Gnasher Damage (Infiltrator)
Concussive Shot (Boltok crit stuns drones, Nomad)
Healing Explosives (Pilot)

Swap Shotgun Damage perk with Universal Damage perk, and reduce Frag Damage card bonus to 80% max to compensate.

Improved Stim: (Dmg Res when stimmed, Infiltrator)
EMBAR damage: (Max at 60%) (Marksman)
Gnasher Damage: (Protector)

Swap starting Overkill for Gnasher

Sharing custom skill card concepts is fun but it can be an overly-complicated rabbit hole. Sticking with existing cards has a better chance of maintaining some semblance of class balance.


Architect - custom robotics. armor plating, global overclock

Striker - Thrill of the hunt, bloody knife, nomad armor

Protector - armored shot, thrill of the hunt, inner fire

Slugger - gambit, razor hail, gnasher mastery

Basically bringing them up to the classes they are emulating. However that’s boring. I’d prefer brand new cards to introduce new playstyles
to help them stand out from the others.


Brawler/Big Knife (melee damage, from BM/Protector)
Inner Fire (damage resistance when ult is ready, from Brawler)
Dodge (damage resistance from ballistics >5 meters away, from CM)

Replace Feedback Boost with universal damage.

Gambit (duh, from Demolitions, extra grenade traps, up to 7)
Shredder/Razor Hail (explosive bleed, from Tactician and Demolitions)
Crazy Tough (extra health, from Anchor)

An equivalent of Resupply Healing Module for his shield (from Tactician)
Enhanced Stim (damage resistance while stimmed, from Infiltrator)
Short Range Deflect (damage reduction within 5m, from Blademaster)

Replace current passive with faster health regen (CM’s passive)

Efficient Fabrication (buy fortifications for cheaper, from Mechanic)
Global Overclock (overclock for all lockers, from Robotics Expert)
Custom Robotics (extra DB weapon damage, from Mechanic)

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I’d welcome any changes at this rate.

@SNAKEYWAKEY389 I more or less had the same idea in terms of cards for Protector, however the Healing Ressuply Dropshield sounds like a killer idea, portable cover that heals can also help other CQC classes.

For me, without duplicating any, and without taking more than one skill from any one class per class, it would be:


Enhanced Stim (Infiltrator)
Defensive Stim (Veteran)
Cold Finish (Pilot)

This would enable Emile/Protector to regenerate alot of stim and become super tanky, and having Cold Finish would buff their hit and run strikes - they’d freeze up after the damage threshold is met, be unable to attack or chase you, and would just bleed out. Overpowered? Yeah, why not? :smiley:


Healing Repair (Mechanic)
Global Overclock (Robotics Expert)
Bloody Shot (Anchor)

Improves them as an engineer, and Bloody Shot will compliment Custom Snub for Escape. Healing Repair will make Architect tankier when repairing in Horde.


Gambit (Demolitions)
Shredder (Tactician)
Perfect Condition (Combat Medic)

It always bugged me that at release, Sarah Connor was described as a “tank” but she actually had no real defence cards apart from that melee-resistance one which is dog poo. Hence why I chose Perfect Condition, just to redress the balance. Gambit and Shredder are self-explanatory.


Big Knife (Protector)
Stim Batteries (Infiltrator)
Inner Fire (Brawler)

I think these cards are self-explanatory. The Stim Batteries is the biggest stim capacity card, and I think would work well with Stim Siphon. Inner Fire makes them tankier, and let’s face it the Striker’s ultimate is rubbish anyway, so may as well get some use out of NOT using it!

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I think Slugger’s ult is even more useless. At least Striker’s is good to lock down and kill a scion, even without breaker. With Breaker it can lock down and kill a Warden. All Slugger’s does is lock them down and not kill them.

The only reason I dislike this is it’s redundancy with the Architect/Protector’s regenerative stim card. I prefer Enhanced Stim since it meshes so well with said card and Stim Batteries.

As far as Bloody Shot, I would prefer something offensively-based that has uses in Horde, too. I absolutely love the idea of Bloody Shot on a class that uses the Talon, though. It might see some use that way.

Protector with intervention would be fun

Revives ever time i swing my stick around