Chill and Kill lobbies are dumb

I love Custom games, and don’t get me wrong, I love chillin and being passive. I do stuff like this all the time in Halo… But in Gears? Hahahah!

Oh man. Every time I join one, some random in a groupy decides to kill me so I screw him up by giving him the business ya know? Then when the others realize he can’t get me, everyone in the lobby tries to target me. It’s hilarious when you get 7 people come after you and take down 5 or 6, if not all with a PW and then they kick you or better yet, just kick you for being on PC.

I’m really starting to get annoyed with some of these lobbies. Not to mention they always have the same people for me lol. Some of their rules are so gay as well. “No PC players or you will be kicked.” Well thank god the game doesn’t tell you if I’m on PC XD. At least no way that I can tell.

Custom games work very strangely in this game. In terms of the people that are in them. Like, my 2 favorite lobbies are “FFA’s” that are put on TDM or KOTH, and “Chill and Kills” full of hypocrites and morons.

Obviously I should stop joining them for a bit XD

Let me know of your “Fun” Experiences in lobbies like this. Or something similar.

The game clearly shows who is on PC for both gears of war 4 and 5, this was one of the weirdest reads on here in awhile…


I get it. You arnt the only one. I think everyone has gone into custom and all id the sudden you get killed randomly when your clearly not trying to fight anyone.
I usually make it a point to kill tht person when i repawn.
But the best is doing it later on when they are just standing there or arnt paying attention.
You could always start your own custom

I stopped reading after you said something was “gay.”

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I play console against my brother and uncle all the time and they’re both on PC. I don’t find it an issue to be honest I actually win most of the games we play together and they’re amazing at this game on PC.

It’s actually better to play gears on controller rather than on mouse and keyboard I’ve seen as I’ve played both and can tell. My uncle even agrees with me he’s been playing this game as long as I have.

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Where does it show? I can never tell.