Checkpoint - Saving Content glitch

In Act 2 - Chapter 4 I’ve encountered a game breaking glitch that occurs when the games reaches a checkpoint and it’s saving. It doesn’t save but it’s stuck in the Checkpoint -Saving Content loop on the lower left part of the screen.

I’m currently at the side-mission in the mine and it already happened twice: once outside while Jack was opening a door to the lift that leads to the mine and the second time it happened, I had to protect Jack (from himself) when he was carrying some cannister and I died. The Crimson Omen appeared in the screen and it didn’t go to the reload checkpoint screen. Instead I was watching the Locust shoot Jack for 5 minutes until the game crashed.

In both situations the game lost about 10-15 minutes of progress of fighting wave after wave of enemies (in other words: really annoying encounters). Now I have to kill the snatcher again… and hope it doesn’t glitch out again.

Did Microsoft/TC release the game too soon… ?


Happening to me and my co-op partner right now.

Can you check if you still have your collectables? I just lost 'm all from all acts and chapters and it currently shows 0.00% completed.

This might be related.

Yup. I made a thread about it earlier. At first it just wiped all my progress and collectibles but now same thing happened to my online co-op partner.

Pfff. It’s getting worse and worse with every passing hour :smile: I wonder what’s in store for us tomorrow.

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This has happened to me twice so far. Each time, the game’s scripts basically don’t trigger, so I’m unable to progress. I select “Reload current checkpoint” in the menu and it does nothing. I restart the game completely and hit continue and then it loads from the most recent checkpoint, but obviously this is ridiculously annoying.


Yup. Happening regularly. Have to quit the game and re load checkpoint.

This has happened to me 3 times today. Each time I’ve had to close the game and restart it. Its also put me about 15 mins behind my original playthrough. It has also taken all of the upgrades that i have given to Jack but it has refunded the components. It has taken the ultimate upgrades away though. Collectibles seem ok at the moment.

I have the same problem with my collectibles. It says I only found a couple when I know I found so much more.

Having the same problem here. All collectables reading as 0, I’ve had it once per chapter in the first act so far. Stopping playing until this bug is fixed.

That happened to me on Act 1 Chapter 3. The AI companions froze in place and eventually I froze and had to restart the game. Once I got to Act 1 Chapter 4, all my collectibles from chapter 2 were gone and eventually all of my collectibles went to zero. It’s not just collectibles though, the game is showing I’ve only played 2 minutes when I actually played 3 hours. The stats are 100% wrong, saying I have 66 kills in the campaign when it’s more like 200+ kills.

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I got my collectables back later when I found another one but it happened again as soon as I encountered the exact same bug later but this time I permanently lost about 5 of them. So even if the game reverts it to some extend it’ll be impossible to get the achievement. Also, when going back to the locations of previous collectables it shows the collectable back in its place but without any button prompt to pick it up.

And when it happened again in another area I just pushed through and got to an area where you have to press X to crawl through some hole to continue into a new area. When I did this the Saving Content thing disappeared but no enemies loaded in in this area. So Del warned me of some sniper that simply wasn’t there.

And now as I want to upload a video of this to Youtube I notice no Gears 5 videos got through to or Which brings me to another bug from launch night: all recorded clips were only 7 seconds long each instead of 15, 30, 1 minute or 2 minutes. I can record now again but this glitch might also be related to some things not showing up on those websites.

I’m having the same issue as well, though this is happening in Act 1 has happened twice. Having to completely close the game (back to dashboard) then boot back up again. The 1st time this happened the check point that loaded was 20mins from where I was when I died and the 2nd time was 10mins. Both times I had the notifications that I had passed other checkpoints. It’s getting a little annoying playing on Insane and have to re do sections.

Yeah, I’m so glad I started on Hardcore for the story and saved Insane for my second playthrough. It must be infuriating encountering this glitch on Insane in later Acts.

I found a glitch in the campaign, during act 1 chapter 5. During the stealth scene I was walking up to the reaver in the very far corner, the one who is by the stairs. When i got close to him it sent me back to the previous checkpoint. However I didnt lose anything so its not game breaking.

I am having the same issue as everyone else here. I had it happen in chapter 1 and now again in Part 2. The “saving Profile” Cog stays constant on the screen and it does not save progress.

I had the same issue 7 TIMES if you restart your game it will fix it but it will put you back to last checkpoint

Been happening to me all day throughout acts 2-4. Happened again right now and causes game to crash to xbox dashboard.

Yah I played through Act 1 and first couple chapters of 2 picked up a bunch of stuff and said no collectibles when I went to bed. Bummed. I’m currently stuck at the mine solo intermediate campaign. Loving the story though.

I encountered the problem aswell, my only solution towards it was quit thing the game completely and starting it again on the previous checkpoint and everything turned out fine. it’s a hassle but it’s worth it. :slight_smile: