Checkout blood drive! Enough!

And the slab

I thought we could be friends.

We shall no longer speak to one another.



Honestly i really wanna see Ruins make a comeback. Thats 1 of my alltime favorite maps. Screw River its overrated



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Yeah, River and Ruins were fantastic.

I want Ruins back with the Scorcher too.

I wanna burn some Swarm.

Although - I don’t get how we had Incendiaries but no Flamethrower.

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And what’s people problem with glory besides the Turret?

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Not you as well


Glory just in general :face_vomiting:

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What don’t you like about it? It’s pretty that counts for something haha

It might be good for KOTH but when playing 2 Warzone/Execution it was the worst camp fest. At least with Jacinto you could get people camping in the room and back stairs with the hammer

I don’t know. just large and open and doesn’t flow well for me.

Camping turret area in King can literally give you map control as spawns are from the sides.

Once you get a hold there - it’s normally game over.

I also select dam every time and no one ever does.

Tbh I only played KOTH so I can understand your frustration.

I did love the race to the Sniper / Torque. Reminds me of Canals.


Dam is another map I don’t like :sweat_smile:

Yikes I should stop talking haha

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Another good map with scorcher was underhill. Catching people coming in through the garage was awesome

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Nah you like what you like and my friends love Dam so I normally end up playing it.

But then I grab retro and boltok and take out my frustration on the opposition like the meanie I am :smiling_imp:

Dont mind him hes VERY picky lol

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Definitely :ok_hand:

What about academy from dlc in gears 3! I loved that map