Checkout blood drive! Enough!

I rather them stay away from battle royal all together. Leave the millennial games like pub g and fortnite to the millennials.

I want a Battle Royale on Steroids.

As in every single player that’s online in one single FFA !!

First to a 1,000 Kills let’s go :muscle::trophy:

Totally right because as you already know TC really “listens” to us

And I can only imagine the bullet sponges onces that 11th player enters the game

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TC really listens to the community and takes on board everything that is said.

That’s why “everything is working as intended”


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Last 2 maps of season pass. It’s delayed by a week omg these better be 2 awesome maps. The reveal lift apex and fuel depot. :roll_eyes:

It was only delayed because that’s what the players wanted.

TC listened to the community and learnt that Delays make us happy.

What makes us even more happy is disappointment.

That’s why, for Gears 5, these are the confirmed maps:

Impact gluten free :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

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Impact Everyone’s Welcome

Impact Snowflakes Paradise

Impact No Guns, All Bounce


Impact my nipples are hard

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I am definitely tired of blooddrive it was good in gears 2, but it is beyond boring now. I really hope they stop bringing back gears 1-3 maps when 5 comes out. Especially blooddrive and gridlock. They are so worn out.I definitely want foundation back . Love that map!

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Only reason I sometimes don’t care for maps such as rustlung,glory,mercy is because of the lancering. But yes, I’d like it if someone picked a map other than checkout,foundation,blood drive, or clock tower for once. I’m usually the only one that doesn’t pick those common maps and the vote is usually like “7 picked checkout and 1 (myself) picked raven down or relic.”

I would have loved to see Artillery make a comeback

To be honest, I though checkout in Gears 3 was amazing. Now in Gears 4 I hate it because it gets selected too many times. Blood drive is a map I hope I will always love, though.

I was sick of checkout before Gears 3 beta was finished. Nothing like ruining a map like repeatly playing on it over and over


Played Checkout tonight, and still love it

I normally don’t vote, all the maps are tired at this point. I only vote if fallout pops up :+1:or if someone is trying to play dam or rustlung.:-1:

I don’t see Mansion on your list. No Mansion=Terrible List…No Mansion, I am not buying this game…?

Mansion is a great map. I feel hotel is just a bigger version of it. I would love Escalation but as proved in Gears 3 it doesn’t age well