Checkout blood drive! Enough!

These 2 maps show up atleast 75 percent of the time. And they get selected every single time. Don’t you guys get sick of the same 2 maps. Instead of choosing rustling or some other map that’s not played as much they choose checkout and blood drive and even clock tower soooo much. Come on guys let’s try some variety.

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This is why being in a 5 stack was helpful.

You got to avoid repetition and have a greater say on what map to pick.

But the amount of “good” maps in this game are limited anyway.

Theres a fair amount of good maps in my opinion but I agree with OP regardless of being in a stack, its the same maps over and over

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I wish I liked more.

At the moment,

For me, it’s only these:

Raven Down
Lift Apex
Clock tower

Whereas past games have had a lot more liked maps.

I feel dawn is under rated and rarely get picked. I’d like to add relic and mercy to your list

I don’t like or dislike Relic,

But Mercy :face_vomiting::laughing:

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I feel that for KOTH, it’s all about kills and not caps. Blood Drive and Checkout are chosen the most because people actually care about their K/D because it helps them get jobs when they put it on their resume’,


Real talk :joy:

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impact is such a underrated map in my opinion

Impact on King :face_vomiting:

Impact Dark is an improvement but still would avoid it if possible :sweat_smile:

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Last week I played checkout 3 games in a row then the following 2 were in clock tower. Yesterday I played 5 out of 7 games on checkout.

I choose Checkout and Blood Drive every time they are up. If you have a problem with it, then I dunno what to tell ya

Why don’t you try something different

Because that would make sense.

This is Gears 4.




Gears 4 has good maps wether u think so or not. Reclaimed, relic, foundation, speyer, dawn, mercy, dam and others are great maps. You people just need to get over epics trilogy of maps and move on. I hope gears 5 has original maps and if they do remake any I hope it’s gears 4 maps and remake there own work. Leave epic and there trilogy die already. It’s time to move on it’s TC now. Either accept or go play something else.


Epics Trilogy of Maps were the best :raised_hands:

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I don’t disagree they did have a lot of great maps. But that was a decade ago. Time to keep on movin down the road.

The Gears community in a nutshell



Doesn’t apply to me. I just got here😂

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