Check your weekly rewards in ranked. Lancer GL just dropped

I just got on to check the store after a while of not playing and the GL dropped as part of ranked rewards. Totally unexpected lol.

@Visgoth any of you two know if weekly rewards are watermark or current rank when week ends? Also is this a weekly thing? Just trying to find out some info thanks.

Not only is it watermark, you don’t even have to finish placement matches.

I have played 3 matches of 2vs2 in all of OP3 and still got the Onyx skin the other day.

But oddly I did not get the Gold skin. Got Silver and Bronze though.

The other day? The Lancer GL??

Ok I’m confused watermark for what season or is it a week thing? Is this gl a drop for something previous? I’m trying to figure out because I haven’t seen anything yet. Specific mode?

I don’t know for which season. Might be that they were super late OP2 skins or maybe they were OP3 skins.

You know how after every week you can claim your XP reward from each ranked mode? The other day, I got GL skins in addition to the XP. I reached Onyx in 2vs2 for OP2 so maybe the GL skin was for OP2?? Not sure. But I’ve won my 3 placement matches so far for 2vs2 in OP3 so I though the Onyx skin was for OP3. Now I’m not so sure.

On the other hand, I’ve played and won 2 placement matches in Escalation (3 to go) and I got Bronze skins, which was my high watermark in Escalation in OP2. I’m confused now.

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Yes I have the ranked GL skins but I don’t know what the official reason is for OP3 handing out ranked skins before the season is over. Someone from The Coalition would know.

Ya I got the Gold, which Im Gold in 2v2, but if it is from last Op it still lines up cause I was Gold in Guardian.

Curious as to why u would hide ur reup lvl…?

Hmm my Gold GL skin was missing. I think. I’ll check again.

If it is only for “your rank when the season ended” instead of high watermark then I’m going to be very grumpy.


Thanks I’m also confused I only have the gold GL Lancer and nothing else. I don’t even know how many seasons we had so far lol. 2? This is 3? Idk. I have incomplete diamond skins(missing) but idc.i was just trying to figure out do I rank up and leave it because I dropped to gold then week ended and I got the gl gold. So if that’s the case I’ll rank up and not play until week ends. Just trying to figure it out. Thanks for the help btw.

Thank you for sharing your situation. I think we need an official answer here about what is going on with ranked rewards.

As far as I know, ranked rewards get handed out after a season ends. And as far as I know, a ranked season is the same length as an Operation. Unless there is some sort of Ranked Reset.

These were the rewards as far as I know (let me know if I got anything wrong):

Season 1: Chainsaw Lancer

Season 2: Gnasher, Longshot, (GL??), (Enforcer??)

Season 3: ?

Edit: I noticed I have the gold Enforcer too.

If that’s the case I would of got a diamond GL Lancer.( I have Gnasher and Longshot) Thanks for info it helps. Because season one I was stuck in that silver bottle neck. I’m not sure when they did that first reset. Right after that I climb up fast than I dropped. So I’m not sure if that was season 1 because I don’t have a diamond Lancer skin or it just didn’t count because of that massive reset. So I just chalked it up for a lost.

Was there even a season at launch? Wasn’t it zero?

I hope they give us another shot at chainsaw lancer. I really didn’t touch ranked much in OP1.

I think I will start a new thread and keep it updated with ranked rewards once I collect more info.

Not sure. I think it was. Because people started getting the “win one match in each week of a ranked season” achievement right when OP1 ended.

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Thanks man. I know **** was so messed up at one point I lost track I also took a long break so I don’t know. That’s why I came back to the forum’s there will always be someone like yourself here to lend a helping hand. Thanks appreciate it.

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I believe that was your current standing in current week reward. My wife never logged in I checked all her skins before I checked the weekly rewards. She was silver and gold in prior seasons. She is currently bronze 3 in Koth and when I collected weekly rewards she got a bronze GL. If that’s the case it kind of sucks that TC didn’t do watermark. I pretty sure it is. It can’t be any previous seasons because I got a gold one. Just going by what little data I have. Unless we are just missing skins like your missing gold. Which is highly possible.

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Who knows maybe they will do watermark after the season ends to fill in the gap. Because season 2 was based on watermark for sure.

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Last question lol. Watermark is it instantaneous? Let’s say your playing all day. All Dam day. So you reached diamond for the first time and play a couple matches and drop back to onyx. Will it record that precise moment. I ask this because all that retrieve data BS that happens and also when I do my wife’s TOD I had her at onyx before she took over playing last season and she dropped to gold same day. She never received onyx skins.

Now that you mention it, there were a few bugs in the ranked rewards system.

For example, many people didn’t get their rewards for 2vs2 until several weeks after operation 2 ended.

So it may be that our whole conversation ends with “it’s just buggy” :sweat_smile:

And I don’t know how instantaneous it is because once I hit Onyx I stopped playing that mode. This is a good question for The Coalition.

If you are missing any ranked rewards you believe you should have received, submit a ticket. I had to submit 3 before I finally got my 2vs2 skins.

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