Cheating and Trolling

So Gears is really fun, it is trolled and chatted and reporting does nothing. Even evidence videos are useless. I’m going to buy a lag switch that doesn’t interest anyone anyway

Welcome to Gears.

Suck it up, son. Be thankful. These days have nothing on the OG Gears.

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I’ve only been playing Gears for 7 years and Gears 5 is so bad that I deleted it after 3 days. Unfortunately with the beginning of Gears 5 the EU server was switched off and I only play against Mexican trolls on US servers


I was always Onyx 3 and Diamond 1 on the EU server and since the end, I have a very bad ping because of the US server and am now Gold 2. In Gears 3 you could buy a DLC where you only played on reserved servers. The Coalition killed the Gears story with Gears 5

Yeah you need to experience some crab walking on gears of war 2…

“Don’t cry in front of the Mexicans.”

Try Kung Fu flipping outside the map in GOW 1 just to kill that last guy that has been lancering you from nowhere. Famous out of bounds maps that I remember were Subway, Gridlock, and Fuel Depot.