Cheaters and aimbots

Pretty sure I was playing against a cheater in ranked tdm iv got it recorded it looks shady, if iam wrong I apologise but he snapped on to me like a boss. Played the whole match with just pistol. I will try add the video on here but it I cant find out how it’s on my twitter feed @SUPER9AB

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Best to send it to TC on twitter and report it to Microsoft as well.


Or even a forum mod, such as @TC_Octus

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Octus isn’t a mod. He’s part of the Coalition.


These are your mods. Not sure I’ve seen any others active lately.

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While were on the subject of cheaters is there such thing as a recoil bot?
I was playing a match for a daily. On the kill cam I was killed by someone with a markza. When i respawned I picked up a markza. When I fired it the gun I had more recoil than the shooter in the kill cam. He pulled the trigger and it climb a little bit. I pulled the trigger and it climb almost twice as much. Is there such a thing as a hack that gives a little boost but not as obvious as an aim bot?

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Shall I just send it to them yea?

Hello, and yes please send it up to me or another mod with proof and we can forward it directly to TC for investigation.

Thank you.


Your @ is for twitter I dont know any other way to send an mp4 file

You can send him a PM on the forums.

It allows attachments.

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It wont let me send an mp4 file it needs to be a jpg of some kind and i dont know how to do that, it was captured on xbox capture, clips

Probably just give the date and time of the clip and they can view it.

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Please don’t post the names of players you suspect of cheating. As other suggested, share the info and evidence you have with TC.

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dont know how to get it to ya media isnt a strong point but its on my twitter @SUPER9AB feed 13 hours ago or my resent caputre, allfathers , tdm, 16 hours ago

Wouldn’t be surprised he’s not cheating. Aim bot really is screwing the talent gap in the game. I’ve downed people with the pistol easily, lately. Seems that all the precision weapons got a boost from tu4. & with aim bot it’s a challenge. Most likely The player is playing by the rules & abusing the current system. Just my opinion.


Yeah there’s a few guys using just a pistol on ranked pvp. They probably have a custom pad that lets you just hold RT to basically make the pistol automatic or close to it…


Yea this person even as I pushed him had full confidence in his pistol. The whole game he used it never seen it before and the way he snaps on to me soon as I come in view and tracks me perfectly makes me want to turn crossplay of

PC players, from my understanding have the ability to have better precision than Xbox players. Don’t know the logic behind that but I’ve heard it’s an unfair advantage. So have crossplay on when you’re ready to go that next level. But not all PC players are good. Just saying they have an advantage when it comes to precision. Still beatable.

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Saw the video. I think there was just lag at play. I have confidence on my pistol, I do but I find it stupid to use it the whole match due to the fact it’s gears and every weapon should be used.

From 6 to 20. Shouldn't be a mode for PC players. #pcmasterrace #gears5 #Bloodsport - Triumph (you know Ku-mi-TE)

— DrazaTech 🇵🇷 (@RurouniTweeter) January 24, 2020

This was me playing FFA, if you want to talk about “precision”. Takes tons of hours playing games like InstaGib in Unreal '99, tons of hours playing the whole gears franchise on console, then back on PC with K&M and then back to console and vice versa.

Do I think he’s cheating? Maybe like 10% but it doesn’t take that much to hipfire / hard aim a pistol someone in your line of sight with precision.

What I think happened? Lag. You were being shot from the back while he was shooting you and thus the DBNO sequence was triggered but the kill feed didn’t register buddy behind you. It happens. It’s happened to me countless of times but I’ve assigned blame to the kill feed because I know sometimes it fails depending on how intense the fight is.

Not sure but do remember to test both active variants and non active to see if maybe u just missed his actives. I could be wrong but just tossing it out there just in case u didnt test the active recoil.

I’ll try that, ty
This is the reason I don’t go around reporting people on a whim. I want to make sure there isn’t an explanation to some of the stuff I see before I press that button.

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