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Cheated me out of my stats again

Just made it to wave 49 on exhibit and game ended and while gathering stats. Got the the message error while retrieveing stats. Had over 185,000 score this is the 5th time it’s done it. I guess TC doesn’t care that there stat system is messed up and we get a big FU out of it. At least epic games cared. Good job Rob way to loose a lot of die hard gears.


I’ve beat 50 waves of Horde 4 times now, and just now on Experienced by the skin of our teeth, and I still don’t have the achievement nor does it show on my stats page… are they even still working on this?

Yes they are, it’s just taking TC a while to get everything stable and catch up progression


Well hope they do soon cause this is ridiculous. I’ve never saw it this bad and I was a die hard horde player in gears 2 and 3.