Cheap PC setup recommendation

If anyone would be kind enough to help, I’d like to build a cheap PC for my son.

Future proof, so able to run gears 6 and other games.

Many thanks in advance.

What do you define as ‘cheap’

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I’m in Europe, Spain to be exact. Not sure if that matters price wise.

€700-800? Would that be doable?

Definitely doable.

I am in the US, so I don’t know where to help you look :frowning:

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That’s OK, I was more thinking about a suitable gfx card and ram, radeon or nvidia.

I keep seeing issues with nvidia cards?

it’s just an all-round bad time to try and build PC’s right now. supply constraints are hitting everything, especially video cards.

however you’re asking for two things that don’t go together well, cheap and future proof. if you want that get an Xbox Series S/X

with Gears 6 I would look at the Gears 5 “ideal” specs and start from there.

I don’t think you’ll find a PC with those specs with the budget you suggested.



OP, the current market has ballooned to a point where I can’t really recommend building a gaming PC at the moment. Everything required to build your son’s PC is twice the price now compared to just two years ago due to increased demand and a severe drop in availability. Making a barebones gaming rig that’s future proof and able to run the eventual Gears 6 for €700-800 in 2019, totally doable. In 2021? You’ll be lucky just to get a graphics card for that price, let alone the rest of the PC.

If getting him a PC is important to you, go for it, but know that you’re going to be paying very inflated prices this year. I’d wait.


my suggestion for someone wanting hardware right now is to get a Series S. I just picked one up and it’s a great alternative to building a PC or getting a Series X.

I don’t see these supply issues going away anytime soon. might even be (another) 12 months before we get get MSRP cards and consoles again.


Thanks guys, very much appreciated.