Charge 3 times for the same item

What the hell tc you charged me 3 times for an item I bought in your shop. Will you guys compensate me back my money?

You have to contact MS support. They can’t do anything about a purchase you made via the forums.

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Oh okay, still sucks that I got to go out of my way to call support for their mistake.

TC customer support on the case:


Lol you got me with that :joy:

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its ■■■■■■■ crazy how this is this is still a ■■■■■■■ issue its been what 6-7 months? with people either not getting there items or people buying things three times over.


But hey, Black Steel is back. Who cares if people don’t get their purchases?

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dude gears 6 is gonna be a actual dumpster fire they should just abandon it maybe Epic will pick it back up

Epic already gave up, more than 5 years ago.


I literally imagine everything this dude post in kuwabaras voice and its the funniest ■■■■ ever
im sorry for your purchase issue but I felt that had to be said

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I know epic sold the rights to Xbox because creating another gears game would have cost them too much. Nonetheless I feel like epic would do a much better job making gears 6 and maintaining it so it’s not a buggy mess. I know it’s never going to happen but I really wish they thought of buying it back.