Characters you would like to get some spotlight on Gears 5?

My Picks:

Aaron Griffin…FTW


I wanted to say the same. I would love to see him again alongside the storymode

Golden Hunter.

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The next Carmine. It would make no sense if there wasn’t…

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General Karn. He’s never been playable as of yet and has some really cool looking theron armor. I used to hate the character but ever since the rise of raam comic I’ve grown to like him! Fingers crossed he gets added in! I’ll be really butthurt if he doesn’t.

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Chairman Prescott would be nice to see a come back playable character for Gears 5 MP or Horde.

Kait, Del, Jinn & Myrrah. JD, Cole, Marcus & Hoffmancan get the spotlight in 6.