Characters prediction op 5

I reckon those 4 will be variants of existing Locusts. The Sniper and Beast Rider are basically based on the Locust Drone for example.

I’m thinking Oscar will appear, as he has an in-game model from the campaign. Also as Tactics was apaprently made on the same engine, I reckon we’ll get another Tactics character in addition to Gabriel Diaz - possibly Sid or Mikayla. Reyna is another option as her younger self appears in Tactics too. I wouldn’t rule out Ukkon either.

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Didn’t Oscar have a character banner that just disappeared few months after 5 had launched? Example Myrrah, RAAM, Theron, JD, Kait and so on have one. Pretty sure Oscar had one.

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Yes, I can’t remember when exactly, but it may have been around the time Operation 2 went live.

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To be honest, what would they show in a time of peace? Do we really wanna see death by childbirth?

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Not necessarily and I truthfully don’t have a better idea how to do it. I just think its lame for a character such as herself be jacked like that considering her presence from the original trilogy.

The best we could have gotten is a flashback showing how she ran the COG.

That could have been a start.

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Gabe is coming with or without to play at Tactics ?

Because Tactics isn’t my type of game ( i dislike this gameplay)… Moreover i have seen a Pc player video where all story cinematics are shown. I don’t waiting anything of Tactics. Really.

TC want try others game with GoW universe but…
Gears Pop, Tactics, not my fun, not my road…
I like all real traditional GoW games.

I want just a good Gears 5 and 6. No more.

Simply my point of view.
If others players like Tactics and Pop, it’s cool for them. I’m happy for them. True.

But i don’t want to buy and to play Tactics just for Gabe character in Gears 5. It would be stupid, crazy and expensive !

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As things are, Gabriel Diaz will only be earnable by completing the Tactics tutorial. I think there’s a time limit as well, something like within the 1st week of Tactic’s release?

I suspect this is going to be a sort of early-access though, and there will be a way to acquire him further down the line without doing this, but it’s not been officially confirmed - just my own gut instinct.

I don’t think they mentioned a time limit. They just said starting on November 17th, anyone who finished the tutorial gets Gabe as a playable character in Gears 5.

I see. I just figured they meant that this was sort of a deadline or something (seeing as Tactics is released on 10th Nov).

And i think characters in Tactics are good…
After the vision of the story, i like this new squad.

But when i see the gameplay, i become sick, really not my cup of tea…

maybe it would be like the case of Batista, whoever that dont complete the tutorial of tactics maybe have to wait a time for get it free or with gearcoins. I like the story but isn´t my type of game, I will like see ukkon, Sid or some variant of locust of that game on gears 5

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I think TC will have this problem with both type of players… Players who like all games with GoW sauce. And others who like only the original gameplay of GoW…

The community will risk to be separated…

TC try, why not, but it’s their choice.

As far as I know Tactics is purely single player and there’s no multiplayer, so most players will play it once or twice, and aside from that it probably won’t have much longevity.

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Tai Anya

Then I will be happy and not the tai from gears 3. The tai from gears 2

I wouldn’t also mind characters that werent playable in any gears game such as

And comic book characters would be nice

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Yeah I agree with the Tai from Gears 2, with the shoulder pauldron 100%.