Characters in Gears 5: Safe or Not Safe

This is simply characters who I think are safe/not safe

Classic characters

Marcus: Safe
Baird: Safe
Cole: Not
Clayton: Not
Paduk: Not

New Characters:
Kait: Safe
JD: Safe
Del: Not
Jinn: Not
Oscar: Definitely Not Safe
Macenzie and Eli:Not
Fahz: Safe

If Eli and Macenzie Die ima be pissed

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How exactly should we understand “safe” and “not safe”?

They all are not safe.

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Lol good one

Yea im gonna pissed if one of the twins die. The dude that wrote that last book is trash compared to Karen Travis. But it’s some extra Gears lore and it’s good(looking at is as strictly Gears lore) I like the twins and I wanna se their story expand

Can you elaborate for us.


I’m the one asking.

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I got that, just wanted to post the gif.

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I don’t think Fahz is safe necessarily. Newly introduced characters have been killed off before quickly in the same game - Tai, and Alicia are two examples (I won’t count Anthony and Benjamin cos they were always intended to be redshirt types).

I think JD and Kait are the only ones who are really safe. At least until GOW6.

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So you have to be 18+ to use the Not Safe For Gaming characters?

Fahz doesn’t strike me as a character that’s around for the long haul. I could be wrong, be he doesn’t.

Personally I’m hoping to see at least a couple of characters die. How can the element of oncoming war be believable when plot armour constantly protects certain individuals while only nameless Outsiders and COG Soldiers die and rot away (their last moments spent listening to one of J.D.’s terrible jokes)?

Oh and who said Marcus and Baird were safe? With all the latest decisions at TC I wouldn’t be surprised if one of them was to have one of the original Delta Squad sacrifice themselves for the new “heroes”.

Just think from a marketing and story progression perspective. Does it make sense for them to die?

plot armor.

I don’t see the main 3 dying until Gears 6 since that’s probably when everything is gonna wrap up. I also don’t think TC have the nads to kill off any of the remaining delta squad members until that point either. But who knows? They are pushing a lot of buttons.

Sam’s not in any footage so hopefully she didn’t get Anya’d, but I’m guessing she might just not have much of a role in 5.
Clayton I’ve no idea what to think since he survived in 3, didn’t show up in 4, and was replaced by his son (I think?) who didn’t say a word and then subsequently died. (I think?) Not clear on the details, but the Carmine death omen is up in the air at this point.
Paduk I’m 99.9% sure is dying. Everyone thought he was dead already.
Hopefully Hoffman is safe in his retirement home.
Oscar’s worm food.

There’s nothing indicating that Gary Carmine is Clayton’s son or what relationship they have - could be another familial connection like a nephew or something, but TC haven’t given us any information.

Yeah I’m just theorizing based on the “grub killer” on his jacket, and the idea that if every Carmine theoretically had a child and it followed the naming scheme of:

A B [C] D - original carmine
E F [G] H - child

then it would add up. Nothing to really base this off of obviously, I don’t imagine the first 2 Carmines even had children. Maybe some day I will know the truth…

You can’t really say nothing. Second name is Carmine, has Clays helmet tatted on him, he is very young. Sure he could be D carmines son but that’s just stupid given Gary’s design.