Characters in escape

Why did they take so long adding Marcus and the other characters in escape if they get no new cards tailored for escape? I understand that it would require a few new voice lines but it should not take so long to call the voice actors and make them record for a few hours. And the cynic in me says why didn’t the launch characters voice actors record those lines at launch?

I’d like to know this as well.

I think it’s down to balancing issue. Like Kait could potentially be OP, instantly killing Drone-like enemies.

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Maybe. But wouldn’t the lack of ammo in escape fix that

Because then TC wouldnt be able to drip feed us content


Imo, I think they weren’t planning on it from the get go, but seeing as how people are complaining about how there’s little content and so on, they’ve decided to add some escape chars to horde and vice versa to try to add some more variety into the modes.

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This is not correct !!!
But it seems appropriate to lower the advantages to the players’ cards, already the escape map “The Gauntlet” is very difficult, even too much.

This is not correct for the players who are playing the “The Gauntlet” mode now, the first ones to do this have found themselves ahead of those who are trying to do it now.

Evaluate yourself, I am definitely not a professional gamer, but I hear many people complaining, then you will evaluate …


If I remember correctly, the developers talked about this during one of their live streams. I believe they’re thinking of eventually getting most characters into escape, but they don’t want to blindly do it and make the game broken. Having someone like Kait or Jack in the mode for example, would likely turn escape into easy mode.

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Gauntlet is frustrating…too difficult. Bastions with health regeneration are hilarious

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you are absolutely right, but the fact that many have done it with better cards does not seem fair to those who play it now.

The Bastions that hide as soon as you shoot him a single shot, always protecting the Scions even from long distances.
In all escape maps the friendly fire not present in the enemies, a pustule bursts and the nearby larvae are not affected in the least, they are invincible.

There did seem like a lot of launch-characters to look forward too, that were mysteriously pushed ahead.
(Paduk, Lizzie, Baird, Cog Gear) that were obviously finalized or near-completion in June.

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This exact reason is why they won’t give us content they already had ready and made back at E3 like paduk and Lizzie. They said they have to balance cog characters for horde and escape but that doesn’t give us a reason as to why we have to wait for swarm characters. TC is a joke and they’re terrible at hiding their ■■■■■■ drip feed plan. I bet kantus is ready but they are purposely making us wait another month

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Their balancing process seems flawed as hell or only designed for specific playstyles/modifier choices and/or difficulties in Horde then because Kait and JD are so overpowered they render the lower difficulties completely trivial, but then the enemies on the higher difficulties are designed in such an atrocious manner, and the “filler” characters so weak compared to JD and Kait, that most teams will almost certainly need a Kait and JD to have any reasonable chance to pass those difficulties, or at least some character with decent bleed damage like Keegan, or rely heavily on Sentry support. Forget not having a Jack or Del(or not having any engineer for that matter), just makes it far more difficult than it has to be. Or the enemies purposely were balanced with Kait and JD in mind on the higher difficulties which is just as stupid. Either way, neither side of the pond should’ve reached such absurd levels of power in the first place.

I would want TC to focus on rebalancing efforts rather than the creation of new “heroes”(as if we needed or wanted them…), to make the filler characters more effective and less reliance on JD/Kait, but because of their awful launch character selection, they are expected to bring more of them out but they are taking ages to do so under the pretense of “balancing”, so the rebalancing efforts will have less focus, and the whole damn mess that Horde is in will be worked on less quickly because of this all. I often don’t even want to be playing Horde much because I just know it’ll be the exact same thing as always again because of how inflexible the absurd enemy balancing makes it, even if you do not have the health/damage modifiers enabled, and that by picking Lizzie instead of Kait(or JD, who I have lost interest in, too easy to play, doesn’t feel engaging whatsoever to be him), I’m basically putting myself at a disadvantage because I chose to play a character I currently see as my favorite, but once again TC failed to make properly relevant beyond just being a filler for the main four.

Now that I’m done rambling, my point is basically that TC are just shooting themselves in the foot here. They have to bring out more characters because of THEIR unnecessarily restrictive and horribly balanced hero system in Horde, but at the same time want to bring more characters to Escape as well, and have to, or should, balance JD and Kait and the atrocious super accurate instant down bullet sponges called enemies at the same time, but work feels like it comes along at a snail’s pace and nothing noteworthy is changing. Or it sure feels like it because besides node’s responses in his own thread about questions regarding Horde balancing, there hasn’t been a single word on it yet.

Like, take Operation 2. Made out to be the all new, all dancing and singing update for Gears 5 and when it did arrive we got… two more Horde characters both of which are not going to change much at all for how matches play out on an average basis and one of which, Lizzie, is a lot more useful and fun to be playing in Escape, while Baird is kind of in between an engineer and a sniper and not really excelling at either of those aspects, so he is not that useful for Escape but also not an equal option to Del, even if more viable than everyone’s favorite Halo Reach character, two universal maps for Versus and Horde, one of which is from Gears 4, and almost certainly here because of everyone’s favorite eSports scene(insert Lizzie’s disgusted noises from Escape start after leaving the pod here), and one new, three FFA only maps for no real reason to why they’re only there, two 2v2 Gnasher maps which aren’t new either, three Locust, one of which arrives in January, and a Tour that is largely filled with uninspiring or spread out or outright strange rewards(Workout Fahz anyone?) while not much has been done to lessen the “grind”, not that it really is that bad to start with, but can be annoying if you’re not bothered to grind out the myriad of character specific medals for the PvE modes. No balancing changes for Horde/Escape enemies(tone down the stupid Claw Drones for everyone’s sake) or characters even mentioned for when they might come or if any such thing is being worked on at all. I already had internally prepared myself to not be particularly praising of when it would eventually drop besides getting Lizzie, but it was still disappointing considering what it was made out to be. Two new characters and two maps won’t fix issues when there is no proper balancing effort going to other aspects that are problems.


My guy literally wrote a novel. Unfortunately I’m not much of a reader


That’s his MO. Even saying hi would take him 2 paragraphs. That’s why we love him. :rofl:

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Actually, it wouldn’t. It just happens that I have a bit of a rambly nature for when it comes to things I’m passionate about, or that upset me. Saying hi wouldn’t take me two paragraphs, since it doesn’t necessarily fit those two categories.

But you are right in that I can write a lot. If I’m not having a lapse in attention I usually also put structure into it so it’s not a giant, hard to read single run on sentence wall of text like some posters on here occasionally do.

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I read the whole thing and agree with most of it.

I’m actually liking Baird over Del to be honest. Besides the bleeding fences, which will probably get patched soon, I love the global lockers and sentry upgrade. His turrets hit much harder than Dels. Shocks trigger precision repair. He repairs really fast which I love. Just wish it worked on refilling sentrys. Also the MG dmg boost with deebee boost on tri shots is sweet.
Sure Del is cheaper and his forts have more health but with a Jack(and who doesnt have one at masters?) money isnt an issue. Boomshots/dropshots destroy your ■■■■ but so long as your team is killing that doesnt happen often. Everything else if you have enough shock turrets or embar head shotting weakened drones triggering precision repair you might not have to repair them.
My biggest issue with Baird is he has no stim.

Agree 100%. Thing is the game had a very ■■■■■■ launch(self inflicted) and most of the player basis has moved onto other games. They don’t make money releasing free updates. Majority of gamers play something and if it isn’t top notch they don’t give it a 2nd chance. They can make money releasing new chars and that gives the remaining vets something else to grind. All to try to keep the dwindling player basis remaining just a bit longer.

Congratulations, with the latest update the game has worsened, especially it is becoming frustrating to make escape modes. if the intention was to lose players you succeeded