Characters have unique knives

Kait: Reynas blade
Marcus (old); Doms Knife
Locust: locust dagger
Mac: Outisder Knife
Swarm: Swarm Rock knife


Why wouldnt they have different knives though?

I like the idea, but it would be a lot of time and effort to implement it for something that won’t be that noticeable

Emile should execute with the knife he has in his armor

You do realize this already is a thing? Kait is using Reyna’s broken tipped knife in Gears 5(probably not in 6, seeing as she threw it at the Queen and didn’t have time to recover it afterwards). Can’t speak for other characters, seeing as I have mostly used Kait and Lizzie up to this point and haven’t really seen their knives much.

This wasn’t an idea, this was an FYI. It’s already in the game. I’ll add pics.

Never would have noticed because I think I’ve seen maybe 2 successful mantle kicks and grab overs since launch. Kind of cool little attention to detail.

I don’t understand why there are knives when the game relies solely in BFG’S , no need for knives at all… I mean its not a " Master Chef " Game … its a FUTURISTIC WAR GAME. knives don’t have any use on that matter… other than cooking meals and I gather Del would have that task .

Uhm, hello, you mind close quarters combat when you don’t have a shotgun or Lancer with chainsaw? The characters in Gears literally always have had knives on their character models, and I’m pretty sure they were used at several points throughout various wars. Also, what ended up killing Myrrah? That’s right, a knife. Dom’s, to be precise. Which you say has no place in Gears. Think your statement through again. “Futuristic” war game or not, it would be downright stupid to not have a close combat defense tool besides your weapons.

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ok you got that right…

I agree I mean however the COG soldiers have always used a sidearm , a small pistol , I mean I don’t see the use of the knive still in a game like this… however yeah you have a good point, you could kill someone with it. hoewver on Gears 5 I think playerbase its relying on that a lot and it shouldn’t been.